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itchy skin

  1. J

    Skin Issues? Ear Infection? Biting Himself?

    Hi everybody, I'm new here, and I've been having some concerns with my boy, Teddy. I got him on 7/5/2022, and noticed that he was much smaller than all the other guinea pigs in his enclosure. I watched them all for about two hours, and saw that when he made any attempt to move towards the...
  2. Celine298

    Itchy Pig

    Hi guys! A while ago I posted a thread here about my boy Sunny. He had a fungal infection in his skin but has since been treated and given the all clear by the vet. He was also checked for mange mites and given the all clear. This was a few months ago and he's still quite itchy. He's and Abby...
  3. Squeak98

    Itchy Skin

    Hi, I got up this morning to find that my Guinea pig has a rather striking bald patch around her mouth and chin. The skin seems to be flaky with fur falling out in little clumps. She is an extremely old pig (She's eight and a half!) And not surprisingly in her old age she has encountered...