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jaw problems

  1. piggydobz

    Jaw abscess has returned

    Hi again, Just wondered if anyone had any experience with long and complex jaw abscesses that have come back after the initial marsupialization. First post : Not eating after dental surgery After 4 unsuccessful weeks of post surgery treatment with Zithromax, next option is to start the combo...
  2. C

    Jaw misalignment

    Hi, my Guinea Pig Chocho just been to the vet today. He has been not eating very well since Wednesday. They told us that he have overgrown teeth. He had the surgery today and have put him in general anaesthetics. Later, they told us that he has jow misalignment. They told us that if my guinea...
  3. Gigi Boyer

    Dental Worried the vet hurt my piggie

    Recently came back from holiday to find my three year old boy had lost around 100g and was barely eating. His top incisors were chipped and grey and his bottom ones were significantly over grown. We immediately started him on syringe feed and arranged a vet appointment for a few days time. Once...
  4. G

    Post eye removal swelling

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so hello! My little man Herbie had to have an eye removed about three weeks ago, which went well. Since then, the no-eye side of his head and jaw have swollen up a good bit. It doesn’t seem to be hurting him, and it doesn’t hurt him when I touch it...
  5. D

    Trouble Eating And Holding Food In Mouth

    Hello. I have a couple guinea pigs called Disco and Diva. Both are just under 2 years old. About 12 days ago as I was about to feed them their breakfast, I noticed Diva was limping. We took him to the vet the following day, as it was a Sunday, and the vet thought he had a sprain. Gave us a...
  6. Mrs Guinea Pig

    Female Cyclic Problem - Piggy Poops Getting Stuck And Jaw Trouble

    Hi there. Frankie is a sow who is about 2. We've spent over £1000 on different vets for her, including exotic specialists and they don't have a clue. She was a rescue pig and when we got nearly two years ago she was very small and had little hard poops. we were told she was the runt of a litter...
  7. Elgifu321

    Possible Kidney Disease?

    So at the beginning of September I lost my beautiful boy Oswyn and his cagemate Rupert was lonely so I got two new baby boars and Rupert popcorned and played zoomies and was so happy to have new piggy friends it was lovely to watch... But when Oswyn died, I'd noticed Rupert was a touch...