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laying down

  1. M

    Laying down in the middle of walking as if in pain...

    Hello! My guinea pig, Mason, has recently been laying down in the middle of walking as if he is in pain and needs to stop. I noticed it three days ago, I took them out of their cage for their clean and usually he is running around everywhere but he layed down the whole hour. I decided to keep a...
  2. amyprie

    Pig fell, any good experiences?

    Hi! My guinea pig fell on a sunday, on tuesday he started limping. I took him to the vet, she couldn't feel anything broken so she gave him 0.9ml of loxicom (Meloxicam) for 5 days. If he doesn't get better she would do the x-ray, etc. This morning (first day after the medicine) looked like he...
  3. Kirbs

    Is there a reason?

    Whenever I get my guinea pig out the cage he just instantly lies down on my legs, even if he wasn't sleeping prior. I was wondering if there was a specific reason for this. He also hates me picking him up to put him back in his cage, he prefers jumping in himself. Is it normal?
  4. Y

    Help, worried about her laying position!

    Hi everyone! I have two female guinea pigs. They’re just over a year old and I’ve had them most their lives! Tonight I noticed that they were laying funny. Usually the lay flat and they look almost like a pancake or in a “C” shape all curled up. Tonight though, they both had at least one leg...
  5. HopeNecaise

    Help! Is This Normal?

    This is my first time having a guinea pig so I want to make sure everything is okay. I just got my guinea pig 5 days ago and she lays down a lot like A LOT very lazy. She eats, drinks, and acts like everything's normal. When she lays down she lay's on her stomach with her back legs stuck out to...
  6. Turtz

    Not Eating Or Drinking After Car Journey

    Today my guinea pig was in a car for between an hour and a half to two hours. He was extremely restless the entire time, trying to find positions to sleep in and then instantly changing his mind. I thought perhaps heat was causing it and that once he got home he'd be calmer. However when he got...