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leg injury

  1. I

    Is he a satin? Does he have osteodystrophy?

    My little Bilbo (male) has started having trouble with one of his back legs. He is walking abnormaly and hopping around. When he is laying down, he lift his leg. It doesn't appear to be broken. He doesn't complain when I touch it. I don't know how to explain it, but the only thing I felt on his...
  2. K

    Hurt leg but no visual wound

    My guinea pig Lion has a hurt leg. I was getting ready to do the nightly feeding and I noticed that Lion was staying in his little hutch instead of running towards me like he usually does. I lifted the hitch and he is limping and his leg seems very sore. I can touch his foot and move it fine and...
  3. J

    Young male guinea pig doesn’t want to leave his hide.

    Hello all, I adopted a young guinea pig about 2 months ago, his name is Francis Madison Grimm. I think he’s about 4 months old now. He has had a very healthy appetite, enjoys zooming around his large enclosure, and yelling at me about every noise I make in the house. But quite suddenly...
  4. ailedo

    HELP! Sprained guinea pig

    Two days ago, my guinea pig's (F) foot got stuck in between the cage bars. Now she's limping and holding it up whenever she lies down. I think it's a sprain because she can still put some weight on it without crying out and when I checked it, it didn't seem to have any broken bones nor looked...
  5. F

    Guinea pig (possible) hind leg paralysis!

    Hi! I’m new to this whole new guinea pig community. I’ve recently introduced a guinea pig, Chamoi, to my home a couple months ago. She would be super curious and walk around, run around her house. Just the other day my nephew accidentally jumped on her (while she was wrapped in a blanket on my...
  6. J

    Hurt Leg :(

    My youngest guinea pig seemed to have hurt his front leg. I tried looking at it and it doesn't look swollen or have any scratches, but he keeps holding it when he walks. I'm pretty sure my oldest guinea pig did it to him (they are only a month apart but my youngest is the runt of the group). He...
  7. Linda Thoms TX

    At Home Care For Pig With Nerve Injury In Leg

    One of our piggies was injured after our dog jumped into their cage. Both piggies were traumatized. The emergency vet hospital saved Lulu Belle's life, but she has some nerve damage to her back left leg. Her foot turns downward so she really struggles to move around. No broken bones or spinal...