lethal white

  1. H

    Tooth trimmed too short

    Hello! My lethal pig Sugar only has one top tooth that gets overgrown each month. We took her to the vet this morning for a tooth trim and I'm pretty sure they cut it way too short. I have to open her mouth to see it. I'm switching vets after this, they've been careless with other (although...
  2. H

    Lethal Pig or just blind?

    Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I adopted two guinea girls from someone who had an accidental breeding, and one of the girls I got is a sweet white piggy named Dolly. She is around 4 months old, has only 1 eye (but is completely blind), and only has one tooth she got trimmed at the vet. Is she...
  3. MorskoPrase

    Lethal Whites or just blind PEWs?

    Hello. I recently adopted two young guinea pig boars who needed a home from someone who had an accidental litter. They both are white with red eyes. Their father was a white guinea pig with red eyes and I think the mother was as well. When I took them home, after some interaction and...