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  1. Isabela

    Cuddling Time - Stretching, Yawning And Grooming

    When I cuddle my piggies they are usually calm and lay down and enjoy the petting. They are also very vocal and are talking to me all the time. Todays one was stretching and yawning while being cuddled. She's usually shy. So this surprised me. The other one was also being cuddled after that and...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Why Does Beans Keep Doing This?

    So after being spayed over 2 weeks ago, Toast's wounds on the top of her back are healing very well, but have left a bit of a scab (vet has checked it and happy it will just fall off). The past 4 or so days Beans has started to lick and gently bite the 2 scabs on Toast's back, she doesn't seem...
  3. Lexipiggie


    So during lap time, one of our piggies (Oki) likes to stretch out and sometimes licks our fingers or hands. It's not biting (don't worry she does bite if she mistakes us for food) but she's just using her tongue. It's extremely cute but I was wondering whether it can mean anything or is not a...