1. A

    Fleece Liners

    hi, i am changing hutch to a c and c 2x4 one and am looking to also change to fleece liners. Some places specify that the liners are for 2x4 but some will put, for example, 120x59 or 100x54. are either of these big enough? also, if anyone uses them, could you share some tips or how to use/wash...
  2. ChloeCee98

    Floor Time And Momos Made Me Laugh

    Sorry about Noodle biting the bars she thinks MoMo is gone forever when I get her out lol Also does anyone have any good tips on how to make cage liners? I'm going to make my own and then extend the cage so that hudsons in a c&c instead of his tiny cage :( I'm getting him neutered soon so...
  3. Piggiemum7

    New Cage Liners!

    The boys love their new spotty cage liners! They've got an absorbent core so I'm hoping they'll be easy to wash.