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  1. GuineaBabs

    Big enough home?

    Hey there guys! On my last thread someone replied with a helpful website and I’ve come on here again to ask if this cage is big enough. In total I have 3 boys and 2 girls so 5 total and they live in separate cages. I could have them live together if the girls get fixed as there’s less girls. I...
  2. GuineaBabs

    Guinea pig Living area

    Alright guys, hey! Let’s start by saying that I’m not trying to start anything I’m just here to learn more and ask a question :) ! So I have 3 boys and 2 girls. The males get along really well surprisingly and don’t like getting separated so I have kept them together. The females ignore each...
  3. Yorisou

    Some Advice About My Two Piggies!

    Hello all, my first post here. So I have Lymo, the older piggy, and Hershy the new younger piggy. We decided to get our little fluff ball lymo a new friend to keep him company. We have had hershy for a week now and the first initial meeting went really well, with just the usual dominance...
  4. M


    me and my friend recently got two guinea pigs together and they have been going back and fourth between our houses every four days. I feel like this is stressful for them and we shouldn't be doing this and among other reason and I would like your oppinion.
  5. Littlewheekers

    Need Help...

    I want my pigs, I have 2, to have a better outside accommodation.. But I'm really stuck for ideas, I have a area of 6ft by 6ft (roughly) to play with.. And it has to be easy moved etc, even clean.. Any ideas? Not allowed a shed