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  1. Yorisou

    Some Advice About My Two Piggies!

    Hello all, my first post here. So I have Lymo, the older piggy, and Hershy the new younger piggy. We decided to get our little fluff ball lymo a new friend to keep him company. We have had hershy for a week now and the first initial meeting went really well, with just the usual dominance...
  2. M


    me and my friend recently got two guinea pigs together and they have been going back and fourth between our houses every four days. I feel like this is stressful for them and we shouldn't be doing this and among other reason and I would like your oppinion.
  3. Littlewheekers

    Need Help...

    I want my pigs, I have 2, to have a better outside accommodation.. But I'm really stuck for ideas, I have a area of 6ft by 6ft (roughly) to play with.. And it has to be easy moved etc, even clean.. Any ideas? Not allowed a shed