1. G+S

    Looking for Vet in East London

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a vet in East London that treats Guinea pigs regularly? Thanks!
  2. Azver

    Looking for companion pig for my senior piglet

    Hi, Please advise what good guinea pig breeders are in London or near it (accessible by public transport). I am looking for a young male guinea pig to bond with an older male guinea pig that lost its brother. My senior pig is 6 years old but full of life. I don’t want him to be lonely. And I...
  3. H

    Guinea pig boarding in London?

    Hi! We are looking for someone to look after our 2 guinea pigs for the last weekend of August. it’s a bit urgent😬 Can anyone recommend guinea pig boarding in London? We live near Putney. Thanks! 🤞🏼
  4. PiggyOinkOink

    New Owners In London Looking For A Full C&c Cage Setup

    I have 3 individual sets of: 1 x C&C cage (2 x 4 grids OR approx 70 x 144cm = 10.85 ft² / 1.01m²) 1 x Correx Inlay Base 2 x Fleece Liners 1 x Bedding/Hay tray That your new guinea pigs would surely love...