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long haired

  1. lavender91

    Lump question

    So about a week and 1/2 to 2 weeks ago we found a lump on the back left side of one of our guinea pigs and I was wondering if anyone could try and help we have a vet appointment on 7/24/24 CST I've attached photos of the lump in the blue square
  2. Lunapxggies

    Agression Plus Nail cutting

    I have made a post about this piggie before she has bitten me multiple times and i got her from a home where she was neglected and most likely handled dangerously. I am at a loss again because she is a long hair pig so she needs to be groomed at some points and i haven’t been able to groom her...
  3. Livvysquish

    Spice loves stretching her front paws out

    I have very rarely caught it on camera but she's started laying like this more often. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her floofy little legs and her pink feet. :wub::wub:🌸 (Ignore the poops, I have a herd of 6 and it's cleaning day tomorrow hahah)
  4. J

    Help with handling and trust

    Hello. I rescued two boars this summer, Theodore and Pierre, and am looking for some advice with regard to handling. It has been a very slow journey with these boys but here is some background: -They are both approximately 2 years old (unfortunately no exact birth day) -They were both show...
  5. Livvysquish

    Cavvy shows?

    Hey! I've been wondering about cavvy shows here in the UK and was contemplating entering my pigs (once the pandemic is over) as I think they're gorgeous with lovely soft fur and big eyes and tick off a few perfect standards for coronets. I'm not sure what the general opinions of these cavvy...
  6. Bethanie97

    Long haired piggies eyes

    Hi I’m looking for a bit of advice, I have a sheltie breed guinea pig, and the hair above where her eyes are (shown in picture) keeps growing and catching her in the eyes which has started making them look sore and occasionally crusty, I don’t want this becoming a serious problem. I’ve tried...
  7. Livvysquish

    Bonding a 3rd into pair

    Hey! I've posted before about getting a third and decided against but have recently gave it more thought. I have a 2x5 c&c with a 3x2 hay loft. With two litter trays, 3 hay stations and two bowls. I will be buying the new guinea pig its own bowl and fleeces ect. I am a bit worried though as...
  8. ishimercado

    How to bathe/trim the nails of a Skittish Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I've a 4 month old Sheltie. I noticed that she has Matted hair on her bum and sides of her body. I wanna give her a bath but the problem is, she won't let me lift her up. She would allow me to pet her but that's about it. How can I give her a bath if she doesn't want me to lift her up?
  9. Toffee321

    Help, Extremely Dirty Piggie

    I have a white long haired guinea pig called Lily, who gets absolutely filthy, her whole tummy and bottom brown every day after going outside. She digs in the grass and sits in her poo in a tunnel which i clean out every day. Most nights I have had to bath her because I am worried about...
  10. PerpLexxity

    Whisker Trim?

    Hi everybody, I have a coronet and I feel like his whiskers are incredibly long. Is it okay to trim them? Sorry if this is a dumb question I’ve just never had a long haired pig before.
  11. Julie M

    Buddy & Peanut Looking Cute

    Here are Buddy and Peanut looking very cute. They aren't usually very close but since Fudges passing they seem to be getting along better.
  12. tackyberry

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi very simple question, and I know you're going to give me the perfect 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit but i need to know if worse comes to worse what is TOO cold for a single, long haired, indoor guinea (also too hot if you will). :luv:Please and Thank You!:luv:
  13. TheCutePiggies

    Toffee's Noises. What Do I Do?

    Hi! I own two male guinea pigs they have been together since birth and one of them started to make a plastic bag rattling sound the other week. We took him to the vets and he gave us some antibiotics. We gave him that but then a few days later he started to make the sound again, this time on...
  14. Stewybus

    Scruff & Pongo - 2 Lovely Long Haired Boys

    A rare picture of Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue's 2 long haired boys Scruff & Pongo who came here in August & are still waiting for their forever home. Don't be put off by maintenance of their long hair. I just use the hairbrush pictured with them & in the last 4 months have only had to cut out...