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    What too look out for

    Hi.. I posted last week talking about how one of my brand New Guinea pigs I had for a day ( at that point) had suddenly passed away. We found out that she was unfortunately most likely already poorly when we got her. I know guinea pigs should be in pairs or more so we are getting another piggy...
  2. R

    Companions for bereaved 6 year old pig?

    Hi, I have had my two bonded male piggies for 6 years now since they were only 8 weeks old or so. The dominant one of them has recently sadly been put down. My other pig got to see the body and seemed to show no interest in it, continuing to graze. He has been eating alright since then and was...
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    Help!..... what should I do for my little piggy?

    Hello, So a little information from you wise people if you could 🙃 My dear beloved Ted passed away far too early last week at 3 years old, he was my absolute joy. However, he has left behind his pal Now my question is should I get another for company for Boo or not? Boo seems like he's...