low calcium

  1. Azver

    Low calcium diet for stone piggy

    Hi all, My pig Aristotle is recovering well after an operation. Bladder stone was removed about 2 weeks ago. The key now is too keep him on the low calcium diet but I am struggling to identify what I can and cannot feed to him. The vet (cj hall vets) gave us a list of foods with calcium listed...
  2. kaja979

    Post Op Advice (bladder Stones)

    Good morning all :) sorry for the long, middle of the night post! Harriet had 2 bladder stones removed yesterday, my brave girl had passed one also. She has been through quite an ordeal but she is a brave strong feisty little gingernut :) unfortunately the vet did find infection in the bladder...
  3. E

    Help: Low Calcium Diet Plan Ideas

    My guinea pig has been having powdery mineral deposits in her urine. I am taking her to the vets tomorrow. I have read that the best thing is to do for this is to reduce her calcium intake because it is probably too high. But I am not sure how to do this correctly. Currently the pellets I give...
  4. Kay Kelly

    Spring Greens Calcium Content?

    Hi First post to gpforum! Had pigs through my child hood and early twenties had no uti problems. Got my two babies a month ago. kreacher (ul get the name if your a harry potter fan lol) was passing blood two days ago and in pain, pet has prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. He's on the...
  5. Amy Bugg

    Low Calcium Food Suggestions Please

    Hi everyone, One of our piggies has had blood in her urine for the last couple of days. We took her to the vets and he was fairly certain she had a UTI and she is now on Baytril antibiotics. If this doesn't clear it up, she will need blood tests, and if nothing shows up she'll need an x-ray...
  6. Piggiemum7

    Easy Homemade Treat Toy!

    I cut some holes in a toilet roll tube (bens favourite thing to gnaw on) and filled it with all his favourite veggies, leave some poking out the holes and then stuff the spaces with grass! He's been throwing it around and rumble strutting for ages!