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Low calcium diet for stone piggy


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Jun 27, 2019
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Hi all,

My pig Aristotle is recovering well after an operation. Bladder stone was removed about 2 weeks ago. The key now is too keep him on the low calcium diet but I am struggling to identify what I can and cannot feed to him. The vet (cj hall vets) gave us a list of foods with calcium listed against each, but unfortunately the list does not cover every variety of salad available on the market.

Please share what you feed to your bladder piggies. It looks like their are a few owners of piggies with stones on the forum.

Aristotle still gets critical care food daily. Don’t want him to loose weight. He eats himself but not as much as in the past.

He also gets syringes of water - volvic. Pig does not drink water from bottle or bowl.

What pigs get at the moment (2 pigs):
- Cucumber large a day. If not eaten replaced with a new one.
- Excel hay dandelion and marigold. Vet recommended Excel brand.
- Bell pepper (we are in love with seeds). They mainly eat reproductive part of the pepper then other bits. Pepper is never finished.
- Carrots.
- berries as a treat: strawberry, cherry.

Salads: something I am not sure about:
- Romaine hearts. Before stones appeared I was giving a whole salad a day.
- chrisp & colourful mixed leaf salad from Sainsbury’s: red multileaf, green multileaf, green Batavia, radicchio.

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Nov 9, 2015
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I follow the bladder pig diet on that thread mostly, using other low calcium treats to mix it up here and there like chard which they love! I’d definitely cut out carrot and fruits (especially cherry as it’s a stone fruit) and make romaine a rare treat, the guide on the food thread is a fab diet. In fact when it comes to strawberries my lot prefer the leaves and green tops :)

I would look into a different hay, dandelion is a forbidden fruit for bladder pigs. Very rare treat, my poor Iggy doesn’t really get any even in forage. www.timothyhay.co.uk has fabulous hay, timothy hay is also lower calcium than meadow :)