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  1. C

    When To Be Worried? Brown Pee?

    I currently have a 8-9 month old boar, his brother recently had stones ( vet said that it was a genetic thing as I feed them hay, veggies barely any pellets or treat, daily vitamin c supplement (oxbow), nothing that could of caused stones at such a young age) and I. Am now worried for him. He...
  2. Shannon R

    Bladder Flush Via Catheterization For Stones

    Hi everyone, I very stuck on what to do with my guinea pig Spike. We are located in an area were we don't have access to many vets with exotic expertise. I rescued Spike and Marbles(his brother) from the SPCA last April. I started to notice quickly that he hunched while he peed(no noise) and...
  3. CharlotteR34

    Blood In Urine?

    Hi, just had my two pigs out, they are both males and I noticed these little marks on my fleecy blanket. When I touch it it's wet so its fresh. I've tried looking at the colour an it's a mix between pink and brown, so I don't know if it's a UTI or when they've pooped and peed at the same time...
  4. sue.

    Can Hay/hair Make My Boars Bits Sore?

    Hello. Was wondering if you could offer me some advice. I have a 10 month old long haired boar called Bob. The past few weeks I noticed that he was squeaking when peeing /pooping. After checking him over I found that he had a small amount of hair that had got trapped inside his boar parts. I...
  5. Piggiemum7

    Update On Ben, Possible Bladder Problems (sorry Long Post)

    Some of you have been helping me with my thread last week about Ben's breathing here. Kind of keeping this as a sort of log for the past week... He's been having baytril, metacam, vit c supplements, probiotic and critical care recovery food. He was 1.2kg before and hit a low of 1.09 when the...
  6. M

    Help? Guinea Pig Can't Pee And Is In Lots Of Pain...

    My Guinea pig, lucky (ironically), is a female and she's about 4 and a half years old. She's got a sister who's much much (about .5lb) heavier than she is and my Lucky got much thinner over the past few months, you can feel her bones all over. Recently I've heard grunting and squeals (painful)...