bladder stones

  1. ashleemelda

    Introducing New Foods, Question Re: Lettuce

    I recently decided to start following the sample diet guide. My girls already get several of what's included daily: a rotating slice of red, yellow, or orange sweet pepper; a slice of cucumber; and a sprig of cilantro (although Moira is completely turned off by them whereas Rose can't get...
  2. Clintwbaldwin

    Hello! New to this forum!

    Our beloved 5 year old sow, Silky, stopped eating yesterday. We’ve been hand watering her & feeding her critical care. Our vets are not open until Monday. A month ago we took her in after finding blood on the shavings, collected a urine sample, and had x rays taken. Vet found 1 possibly 2 small...
  3. Azver

    Low calcium diet for stone piggy

    Hi all, My pig Aristotle is recovering well after an operation. Bladder stone was removed about 2 weeks ago. The key now is too keep him on the low calcium diet but I am struggling to identify what I can and cannot feed to him. The vet (cj hall vets) gave us a list of foods with calcium listed...
  4. annachapman112

    Bladder stones

    Hi all. My guinea pig Tommy was showing signs of bladder stones in the past week, squeeking with pain when trying to go to the toilet and rearing up a lot when finally going. Took him to the vet yesterday, he suspects bladder stones too but an X-ray must be done for confirmation and then surgery...
  5. Stewybus


    Older sows can be prone to ovarian cysts & also bladder stones stuck in their urethra. Please check your girls regularly especially if they are making any unusual noises. It usually affects over 4 year olds more but isn’t unknown in 3 year olds. For ovarian cysts there are 2 things to look...
  6. Lotusdrm

    First ever stone

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 5.5 year old sow named Hermanie. I recently noticed her genetalia was swollen and strain while peeing. After taking her to emergancy vet, I was told after x-ray she had 2 stones in her bladder. Operation was a choice but not recommended. I was told to keep her...
  7. Zelsi

    Specialist Monty Is At The Emergency Vet - Please Help!

    I took Monty to the vet yesterday for a CT scan to find out what was causing his mysterious "hooting" and wheezing noises when breathing. A few hours after coming home he clearly wasn't okay. I took him back again last night and they found he had gut stasis and some bloat from not eating...
  8. kaja979

    Post Op Advice (bladder Stones)

    Good morning all :) sorry for the long, middle of the night post! Harriet had 2 bladder stones removed yesterday, my brave girl had passed one also. She has been through quite an ordeal but she is a brave strong feisty little gingernut :) unfortunately the vet did find infection in the bladder...
  9. Salt and Pepper

    Update: Bladder Stones, Low Calcuim Diet, Advice ?

    Hi, to update you from my last thread, my piggy was sent for another x Ray which discovered a stone in the urethra. The stone was removed then and there with a small incision. She is now at home with a 10 day course of antibiotics (to help heal the scar) and a week course of metacam. She still...
  10. GirlFromMars

    Blood In Urine

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while and have found lots of useful information (thank you!) but I've finally made an account because I'm worried about one of my boys! We adopted him and his friend (both three years old) back in February And last week we found some blood spots in the...
  11. D

    Possible Bladder Stones/infection?

    Last month, my gorgeous 3yr old piggie Robbie passed a huge plug of some kind out of his urethra and had to get it removed by the emergency vet. His normal vet then prescribed him a week's worth of Baytril and said we'd keep an eye on him. He seemed to be doing okay, eating fine and everything...
  12. B

    Alfalfa Free Pellet Food

    My guinea pig has bladder stones and the vet said to find food without alfalfa to stop more from forming. I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find any. If anyone knows of a brand totally free of alfalfa (including alfalfa oil and alfalfa meal) please let me know! Thanks!
  13. Q

    Uti? Please Help!

    Hi everyone, if anyone could give me any thoughts/advice id greatly appreciate it. About a month ago my 3 year old female pig wasnt acting herself, we took her to the vet who prescribed baytril and metacam. She finished her course and then suddenly starting getting a wet bottom, she was soaking...
  14. Herbadurp

    Help! Nearly Impossible To Give Subcutaneous Fluids To My Guinea Pig. Tips Or Advice?

    Hello All! I have a 3 year old guinea pig named Herbert, who just had a bladder stone removed 4 weeks ago. On Monday, the vet saw that another one has formed and sent me home to perform subcutaneous fluid therapy on him for the next two weeks, so we can flush his bladder of other sediment and...
  15. Kerrie74

    Advice Needed - Bladder And Kidney Stone Pig

    My son has just taken his guinea to the vets, he's had an xray and they've found a stone in his kidney and two in his bladder (tiny ones). The vet said to stop his pellets, lower his veg intake and give him lots of hay (he has lots of hay anyway). She said to give him painkillers and baytril...
  16. L

    Bladder Stones On Xray, Not Found During Op

    Hi, our 23 month old boar Bramble was recently (3 weeks ago) neutered so he could have a female friend. One week after neutering, when the pain relief (Metacam) and antibiotics (Septrim) had finished, he started squeaking when peeing and pooping, and was straining when pooping. Took him back...