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bladder stones

  1. Cooper & Chris Farley

    Another Bladder Stone 😔

    Just when my new piggie was getting settled in and all was seemingly well… I found little blood stains in Chris’s bedding today. I’m kicking myself and feeling so much guilt because I haven’t given him his potassium citrate for a long while now.. As soon as I saw the blood stains this afternoon...
  2. K

    Cystoscopy and Spay for my 4 year old girl

    Hi! I have a four year old female guinea pig named Louise, over the last few days she has not been herself and has been squeezing and hunching over while urinating. She is otherwise eating and drinking absolutely fine. We took her to the vets today and they have discovered a bladder stone and...
  3. M

    Male piggy with stone in Urethra.

    Hello, I'm sorry my first post isn't in the introduction section, I'm hoping to get done advice for my Piggy, Mr Wilson. Hes currently at the vets, they gave him ab xray and have told us he has a stone but it's not in the bladder, it's in the urethra. They wanted to do surgery but as we...
  4. P

    Sydney Vet for Bladder Stones

    Hi, One of my guinea pigs, Woody, started peeing blood in his urine a week ago and whining when he does. He pees what only a little bit each time but quite often (8 ish minutes). In the last few days, he become a lot less physically active, always sitting down in one spot and eating a lot less...
  5. Guineapigsforlife

    Bladder Stones

    Hello All, I just want to share my experience with my beautiful Guinea pig who had 2 bladder stones. I took her to vet to do a check since she was acting a bit off and they did an X ray which showed no stones. Two months later, I had to follow up and did another X ray, this is where they found...
  6. Piggiecassandchewie

    Looking for LA vets for Bladder Stone surgery

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping this reaches the right people. I’m based in LA and my boy Chewie is going to need surgery to remove his bladder stone. I’m attaching a photo of it. I got to do the x-rays with Dr. Nenn at the LA Guinea pig rescue (you may have seen him in Saskia’s recent video). Dr. Nenn...
  7. C

    Bladder stone issues

    Bladder stone problem Hi guys! Some of guys just already know but I'm from brazil ans here we dont have so much experience with guinea pig Health problems and me and my vet are needing some guidance. So o have two guinea female guinea pigs, one of them is Dolores - who is having a 11mm stone...
  8. Queenjellybeany

    Favourite brand of hay?

    Hey everyone! I’ve had my two Guinea pigs for 3 years and I’ve made an odd discovery. Mine have been on and off sick recently, I’ve took them to the vets a few times as they’ll get pain when weeing/pooping. No sign of bladder stones, but seems like they have too much calcium but the veggies...
  9. S

    Bladder Pain 6 Year Old Female Pig

    Hi Everyone, I’m looking for some advice for our 6 year old pig. In April this year she had a bladder stone removed and recovered very well after the surgery. Several months passed and she started making pained noises when urinating again. We took her back to the vet fully expecting that she...
  10. Martha13

    bladder stones treatment options

    Hi! I have my guinea pig with a stone for the second time this year. The first one dissolved we don't know why. Now he's again under treatment with antibiotics and pain killer. Any ideas on what's the best treatment for this condition?
  11. S

    Bladder Stones & Pain Advice Needed

    Our almost 6 year old pig Willow started hunching over and squeaking in pain when weeing on Thursday this week. We took her straight to the vet. He managed to manually extract some wee and tested it. He found blood and signs of stones. They kept her over night and did x-rays. They found 2 large...
  12. C

    piggy with potential UTI?

    Hi everyone, i have a 1 year old baby girl named chestnut whomst I'm a bit worried about right now. This night i heard her make a whiny noise while trying to pee and got a bit worried and then later on, my sister saw the same thing. i’ve been at uni all day so i haven’t been able to see her...
  13. TwoTeenyPeegs

    Some interesting bladder stone info?

    * quick warning, i am not an expert in bladder stones, i am not a vet or doctor. I haven't looked at studies or read hundreds of articles, so this might be one big mistake * ... But i think this might be very useful to someone with a bladder stone pig. I came across this interesting video...
  14. E

    Bloat and bladder stones?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was possible that having bladder stones could cause a guinea pig to have gas/ be bloated?
  15. Mother Hubbard

    Re-ocurring bladder stones in young male

    Hey all, I don't often have to ask for advice, so here I am. A friend of mine as a couple of young males, lovely cheeky fella's, 6-8 months old, weights could be better. One's just recovered from a stone operation after the first vet misdiagnosed and I said nope go somewhere else it's wrong...
  16. bbddf

    Possibility of Guinea Pigs With Gluten Intolerance Linked To Bladder Problems

    * Disclaimer: This is only a theory that I have come up with. It is not a diagnosis. I am not a medical professional or veterinarian. I made an effort to use reputable resources. I have provided references in relation to my ideas. This is my own research. Please know, I am not forcing the idea...
  17. Hiitshannah

    Bladder stones in urethra (older boar) operation vs pain management?

    My 5.5 year old pig Cashew was booked in for bladder stone surgery today, but I got a call from the vet saying she did an ultrasound and found that the stones (he has 5) are sitting in a nook between the urethra and bladder. She also saw a cyst on his kidney, and took a blood test while he was...
  18. S

    £800 for Vets Fees

    Hi So I took my little girl Maggie (5 1/2yrs) to the vets with suspected UTI, the usual squealing while using the toilet. Antibiotics haven't cleared anything up so took her back to the vets today, and she had a scan. Turns out it's a bladder stone. They have quoted me £800-£900 for the op and...
  19. Lel

    UVB advice please

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. I have purchased the first uvb bulb recommended in the link I have attached. Its not the kind that heats up, just a uvb bulb. I'm looking for advice from people who use these lights. Can you advise how long you use the light for each day? I have also...
  20. RachelH

    Bladder stones 4.5yo boar

    Hi all, I am posting because I follow your advice on most things and at the present moment my 4.5yo boar Ralph has confirmed (X-ray below) bladder stones. My vet told me the only option was to do surgery (which I don’t think he is strong enough to survive due to losing his best friend only a...