lump on belly

  1. Piggy Stardust

    Patsy has a lump on her stomach

    I was about to trim her and Carrie's claws when I noticed that Patsy has a hard, pea sized lump on her stomach under the skin. It's not a smooth lump (it feels almost walnut like I guess), and if I press against the sides of it the lump does move side to side slightly. She's eating, drinking...
  2. M

    Smooth unilateral lump below the nipples but above the genitals. 3 year old boar.

    Just today when I picked up my piggy (Hurley), I noticed a smooth lumpy structure on his belly. It does not involve the nipple. The mammary area seems healthy and pink. He does not seem to be in any pain. Its on one side between the left nipple (below it) and the genital area. Should I be...