male and female pairing

  1. Wheeky_pigs

    Male guinea pig for my females

    Hi everyone, and merry Christmas Eve (or happy holidays) I’ve been thinking a lot resently that I would like to get some male pigs for my females (I have 2 herds for females) as I’ve read this helps relax females and provents them from illnesses. I was just wondering what age is best to get...
  2. NumNums

    Male guinea pig is frantic after introducing young female

    Hello. We neutered our male guinea pig almost 3 weeks ago, and he has been living alone for quite some time until now. We do not know his exact age but he is definitely more than 2 years old. We got a new, young female (apparently 3 months old, but from an unreliable source) as a friend...
  3. charlottel0u

    Boars with broken bond in split cage, can I add a female each?

    Hi everyone! I have two lovely, almost one year old boys who currently live in a large cage separated by c&c grids down the middle. Long story short, their bond was broken after one had serious surgery and was separated for a while to recover. After this, we had tried many times to get them back...