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male bonding

  1. N

    Extremely wary boar getting very dominant/aggressive after adding a companion

    Edit: title error, it's "wary" not ware. :( Sorry for the long post, but I'm a new guinea pigs owner and.. I don't know to how ask for advices for my current situation. About a month and a half ago I got my first Guinea Pig (male), which at the time was about two months old (or so I was told)...
  2. A

    One Male ‘mounting’ Other?

    hi there, I have two male guinea pigs and have had them for about a year and a half now. We’ve had some trouble with them fighting in the past but they’ve always had this thing when one would climb on the others back whilst rumbling. It’s always Floof climbing on Jet’s back, so I checked Jet’s...
  3. S

    How To Know If My Guinea Pig Will Accept A New Friend

    hello. I'm new to this forum and thought now would be the right time to ask my first question. a couple of months ago i had 2 guinea pigs but one died. my mum did not let me get another one because she gets upset every time a pet dies. scruffy(my GP) seems quite lonely so i play with him and...
  4. PiggyProdigy

    Introducing Non Litter Males?

    Hey so my dad agreed to me getting guinea pigs, and I have references on cages, food, veggies, vet bills, all the necessities and I have an eye on a cage I would like to purchase online, but there is just one thing. My local pet store has 2 male guinea pigs who haven't been there for very long...
  5. TawniJade15

    Lonely Male Guinea Pig

    Hi all, Just first wanted to say what a wonderful place this forum is, it's so lovely to see so many people with a shared live of Piggies helping eachother out. I had 2 male Guinea pigs; Arthur and Merlin. Sadly, I returned from work on Thursday to find that Merlin had passed away :'( After...
  6. B

    Bringing In A 3rd

    Hey, not sure if this is the right place but, I've been asked by a friend if I can take in they're male guinea pig, I already have 2 males that live together and I don't have room at the moment for a second cage, my friend wants to know today if I want him, my question is, how difficult is 3...
  7. F

    Advice On Introducing 2 Male Pigs

    3 months after purchasing a male piggy from the pet store, I decided to get a friend for him. I was advised to find another male piggy a little older than the one we had. So we got a male guinea pig that needed rehoming, and kept the 2 in separate cages next to each other for a week. We...
  8. Alex Martin

    Need Help With Introducing Two Males

    I have 2 male Guinea pigs, both from the same store and same cage but bought a week and a half apart. The smaller 10 month old ones name is shaggy and the bigggggg 1 year olds name is scooby. I got shaggy first and he acts like a moody teen but he's getting a lot nicer everyday so i figured I'd...
  9. greensn

    Help With Bonding My Males!

    I have two males, Louie, two year old abyssinian rescue, and Norman, a silky, about 4 months old. I adopted Lou a few months ago through the rescue I foster for, and I thought best to get him a friend. So I got a very small baby, Norman about a month ago. They both have their own (very large)...