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  1. C

    Weird scab with spur like thing on piggies back

    I was stroking my 6 year old female guinea pig and found a small blackish scab on her back, along with what looks like a spur. It is painful for her if I tap it even lightly. I'm not sure whether it is something like mange or not because she doesn't seem to be itching. She has a cage mate and...
  2. C

    What Are These? Mites, Lice, Flees, Dandruff?!

    hi there, I have 8 female Guinea pigs (they live in 2 ground of 4) The big ginger and white American one is 10 months, the big blonde and white Abyssinian is 9 months. They both live with 3 other Guinea pigs who are all the same age, roughly 2.5 months, their bedding is simple newspaper, they...
  3. J

    Treated For Mange Yesterday Now Not Eating

    Hello everyone I'm new to the site. I have two Guineas, Reggie an abyssinian who I found in the middle of nowhere while walking my dogs, and Flash, his 'roommate'. To cut a long story short, Reggie has quite bad mange, so I took them both to the vets yesterday for treatment. They vet gave them...
  4. Celine298

    Mange Mites: Treatment Underway

    Hello all! Sunny is currently undergoing his treatment for mange mites and I was wondering, aside from his medication, is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable? He's shedding a lot and his skin is flaking. He's on a painkiller so gave him a very gentle brush to remove loose hair...
  5. cinn&sugarmybbs

    How Often Should I Apply Revolution?

    I called my vet today and was able to purchase revolution. I already calculated the correct doses. I'm just wondering when I should repeat the revolution... all the vet told me is that she wants me to do 2 rounds of it..... is it a two week thing or a once a month thing? Thanks guys I don't want...
  6. A

    Guinea Has Mange, Vet No Help :(

    Hello, my guinea Millie (5 years old) has had mange for a while now (about 2 months). She has lost quite a bit of fur now and I'm quite worried about her. Her son Harvey lives with her, but he has no signs of it. She has been treated with Xeno 450 spot on (with ivermectin) from the vets (£75!)...
  7. Sophie

    Skin Issue - Guinea Pig Scratching Himself Red Raw

    Hello! Not posted on here for a while so I hope everyone and their piggies are doing well! I'm looking for some advice because i'm out of options! My piggie Pebble is a male approximately 1 and a half years old. He used to live with my other boar Forest Gump, I noticed they were bickering a bit...
  8. Stayc1989

    Ringworm In Baby Piggy

    I recently bought a baby Guinea pig from the petshop who I actually reported to the rspca before adopting her, I nipped back and saw the babies were still in poor condition so I took the worst one (left it 6 days and tried asking the rspca if they'd been out but they said they couldn't tell me...
  9. Jess NZ

    Is Coconut Oil A Suitable Treatment For Mange?

    Just as the title says. I recently rescued 4 female guinea pigs from someone who didn't want them anymore. One is very heavily affected by mange and the other 3 have small symptoms starting up and they are also pregnant. One gave birth to 5 babies yesterday and both all babies and mum are...