1. Nibsandtuft

    How Do You Keep Two Boars From Mating?

    Our two male guinea pigs ( tufty and nibbles) keep trying to mate with each other. Does anyone now how to stop them? Thanks
  2. 0

    Can A Male And Femal Cohabitants Without Mating?

    3 months ago I bought Cooper my first Guinea, he was about 4 months old. I've been wanting to get him a friend and I finally found a good one but she is a female. I fell in love with her why I why I got her. When I introduced them I noticed Cooper trying to mate with the new one. I really don't...
  3. kitkat1

    Mating Boars?

    Hi all. So I noticed that my one boar (dipper) was acting strangely and started chasing my other boar (moonbeam) all around the cage. I then noticed that dipper was climbing on top of moonbeam in a way that looked like they were mating! Dipper then started laying down, walking a couple of steps...
  4. S

    My 6 Week Old Gp Keeps Trying To Make With My 5 Month Old Gp (both Boys)

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone could help me at all. Two weeks ago I bought two GPs', both boys which were 'hutch mates'. To start with the boys were really friendly and the big one looked after the little one. However, they both will never come out of their hut unless they think I am not in...
  5. FayeM

    Rumbling And Bum Shaking

    hi I have 2 ten week old boars. One of them does a lot of rumbling and bum shaking/slow walking which I read was a mating thing but they are brothers is this normal? Also when the other doesn't respond he gives him a nip! Thanks in advance