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mattress protector

  1. J

    Mattress Covers for Fleece Bedding

    Hi, so I'm in the process of making fleece bedding. I want to make the ones where you sandwich the absorbent material inbetween two layers of fleece so it's easy to change and wash altogether. I have heard that mattress covers are a good option, would you all agree? And can someone recommend...
  2. GeorgiaHarris

    Where to get cotton mattress protectors?

    I’ve been looking for cotton mattress protectors and the cheapest I can find are £25. I don’t really want to spend more than £10 on one but I’m struggling to find any at a decent price. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to get them at a lower price? Also what’s better about using...
  3. GeorgiaHarris

    DIY cage liners

    I want to make my own cage liners and as I cannot buy uhaul in the uk and zorb is too expensive I’ve been advised to use a mattress protector between my fleece. I’ve found these Slumberdown Waterproof Mattress Protector but just want to double check and make sure that they will work.
  4. Siikibam

    Cage Liners

    I'm considering making liners with zorb. I've used mattress protectors in the past but zorb is more absorbent. At the moment I'm using fleece with puppy pads underneath, but prefer the ease of a stitched liner. For those who have cage liners with fleece either side, do you flip the liner over...