1. amyprie

    Pig fell, any good experiences?

    Hi! My guinea pig fell on a sunday, on tuesday he started limping. I took him to the vet, she couldn't feel anything broken so she gave him 0.9ml of loxicom (Meloxicam) for 5 days. If he doesn't get better she would do the x-ray, etc. This morning (first day after the medicine) looked like he...
  2. C

    Meloxicam Causing Death

    After losing a battle with my almost 3-year-old skinny pig (Hairless guinea pig) to dermatitis that went into the bones, I had decided to get a baby hairless guinea pig to keep my almost 2-year-old guy, company. I had taken the new baby guinea pig I named Phelix, to the vet. His penis had gotten...
  3. doodlecountry

    Dental Meloxicam for long term use?

    I believe my guinea pig has jaw pain. She had jaw pain to the point where she gained a head tilt while eating “harder” foods. The vet couldn’t see anything visible but gave us meloxicam to use for a week. We did that and it helped. However it seems to have come back, not as badly but she seems...
  4. doodlecountry

    Safe Doses of Meloxicam

    I brought my pig to the vet because she has some trouble eating and had a slight head tilt when doing so. My piggie may have had a sore or tender jaw that where the vet couldn’t see any visible teeth or jaw damage. She prescribed Meloxicam for one week and if there was progress, to discontinue...
  5. Devyn50

    Meloxicam For Piggies

    I asked my vet for Metcam for Hamlets pain. Hamlet weighs 505 grams or a little over a lb. Vet had to order it. What came in was Meloxidy / Meloxicam.....for dogs only. I asked if this was the same type of med as Metcam. Was told it was and I could use it for piggies. Anyone used this med...