1. biotechanna

    Poor piggy still ill after a month

    Hi, I'm posting regarding my 3.5yo guinea pig, Lazarus. He started to show symptoms about a month ago (loss of appetite, puffed up fur, lethargy, pooping less, crusty eyes). As soon as he started showing symptoms, I brought him to the vet. He did a course of Baytril for a URI and Terramycin eye...
  2. T

    Question about Bloating Medication

    Hello All, We took Chai to an emergency care center as I suspected she had a case of bloating. They gave her injections of Reglan (Metoclopromide) and buprenorphine. They told us they did not have the oral version of Reglan and to consult with our vet for a prescription. I have been reading the...
  3. H

    Is Primperan 1mg/ml Safe?

    Hello people, 3 days ago, during their weekly weighing I noticed that one of my girls, Kelda, had dropped from 1025g to 980g. I inmediatly switched from weekly to daily weighing and started to monitor their eating more closely. She seemed to eat properly, leaving some veggies that they just...