1. P

    Mite treatment not working?

    I have two piggies, Nancy & Pumpkin. Nancy has had a rough ride illness wise and as a result has had mites. I used xeno first, and it worked a bit to begin with but after 10 days the scratching was increasing a lot. So my vet did a mite injection which helped loads. Then 13 days later we did a...
  2. R

    Static/hay mites and long haired guinea pigs

    Hello, We recently rehomed two long hair guinea pigs but have not introduced them to the rest of our herd yet as we noticed static/hay mites in their fur. They are both mostly white so it is noticeable. I relate to people describing it looking like someone has sprinkled pepper on them. We have...
  3. zuesandapollo

    mites or lice

    i have 2 guinea pigs and i just noticed that one of them keeps scratching his nose but he still eats (even started eating more) and i don’t have much experience with guinea pigs so i’m not well at noticing signs of mites or lice can anyone give me anything to look out for i haven’t noticed...
  4. H

    My cheddar

    Hi so I’ve had cheddar for a month and a few week however recently I’ve noticed he’s lying down a lot and making noises more than usual he also keeps scratching a lot and has a small bald patch behind his ear as well as he keeps grinding his teeth which I’ve read can be a sign of an injury or...
  5. V

    Dandruff, possibly Mites?

    Hi! I was wondering if from this picture it looks like my guinea pig has mites? I called his vet and I’m picking up some Resolution tomorrow. But I am worried about it spreading to my other pig or my kitten who was recently spayed if that is the case.
  6. A

    Mites & can't get to Vet

    I have 3 guinea pigs, and my eldest, Alex seems to have dry patches of skin that seem to be almost scab-like? Looking on the forum it's likely that this is mites, but I'm not totally sure and want to check with a vet before trying to treat him. Unfortunately, my family and I are currently in...
  7. ollieandwinston


    My piggy has mites and we did research as to what to get to treat him,and most people said to get mite treatment at our local pet store and when we looked they didn’t have any and have never heard of it which,so we came back and did more research and found neem oil.So we were able to get some...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Mite Treatment

    The other day I noticed what I thought was mites on my guinea pig Honey, I have two guinea pigs so yesterday I took them both to the vet as they said they needed to weigh them both in order to administer treatment. Long story short I go to Companion Care vets joined with Pets At Home and they...
  9. Natalia

    Bold Patches, Black Dots And Dandruff

    Hello, My guinea pig, Rikky, has a bold patch on his back. I have read online that it might be mites and to treat it ivermectim. I bought some from pets at home. The first treatment was three weeks ago, and it said on the box to re do it after 4 weeks. However his bold patch has not improved...