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mites mange

  1. PiggyMamma1117

    Scab or dry spot on piggy's back? Or maybe fungal infection?

    Hello! I noticed a little bump underneath my piggy's fur when petting him (pictures included below). I had to dig around a bit, but when I did I found a weird spot on his skin. It almost looks as if a tiny piece of a wig was glued to a bald spot on him... He has been at the vet's office...
  2. Babyfrida920

    Mites or not?

    My guinea pig Frida has been scratching a lot lately and she had a small bald spot on her back. I was sure that she had mites but It seems to be getting better especially every time I bathe her and I’m not sure if it’s mites anymore. Also her bald spot seems to be going away although she...
  3. ollieandwinston


    My piggy has mites and we did research as to what to get to treat him,and most people said to get mite treatment at our local pet store and when we looked they didn’t have any and have never heard of it which,so we came back and did more research and found neem oil.So we were able to get some...
  4. W

    Mange mites or fungal?

    Hey guys, So for the past several weeks, one of my pigs has been super itchy, to the point where there are open wounds on his back and he has ‘seizures’ out of the itching. He now has white dandruff-like residue in his fur and there are little chunks of hair pulled out from the follicle in his...
  5. L

    Poorly Piggy

    Hi, I have a young guinea pig that I foolishly got from a breeder (there's a story behind it but that's not why I'm here) I have another piggy so frosty the new new piggy has been in quarantine. He began to develop scabs and was diagnosed with mites. The vets gave him some drops last Friday and...
  6. Celine298

    Mange Mites: Treatment Underway

    Hello all! Sunny is currently undergoing his treatment for mange mites and I was wondering, aside from his medication, is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable? He's shedding a lot and his skin is flaking. He's on a painkiller so gave him a very gentle brush to remove loose hair...
  7. Bella123

    Xeno 450 - Correct Dosage For Guinea Pigs?

    Hi everyone, I went to my local vets yesterday evening as I am under the suspicision that my piggys have mange mites. Anyway, to cut a long story short the vet eventually prescribed me Xeno 450 to treat my piggys with. The vet said for the weights of my two guinea pigs which are - 1090g and...