1. M

    don't know what to do (molar impaction)

    My guinea Juno (4yo) has recently been dealing on and off with a UTI for the past several months, but she suddenly started eating less and being less mobile, only eating a small amount of hay and veggies. She already had a checkup for her UTI but I felt her condition has been going on too long...
  2. S

    Overgrown molars and not eating hay

    I have a 4 year old male named Sully who recently had gut stasis. We took him to the vet and after a week of antibiotics and a LOT of critical care his gut is totally fine. He poops and pees regularly and gets very excited about food. However in the interrim of not eating correctly his molars...
  3. D

    Dental Little poppy is not eating after molar trim

    Hi all, my little piggie poppy had a molar trim on Monday, it is now saturday and she is still not eating anything other than critical care, her droppings a little apple and sometimes broccoli, it seems to me like she can't chew after her surgery as she constantly rummages through her pellets...
  4. Louiseblack2

    How Do I Get My Pig Eating More Hay

    We had an issue with overgrown molars with my other piggie and the vet highly advised we have to ensure atleast 80% of our pigs diet was hay. We always make sure he has a large amount of hay and half a bowl pf biscuits every morning and he gets a veggie treat every sunday. But were having an...
  5. Elgifu321

    Steroid Injection To Help Weight Gain? Also Anesthetic For Dental?

    Ive posted before about Oswyn (said: Oz-win) my 4 yo piggy. Hes having issues with his teeth- or at least suspected issues inc drooling and severe weight loss and my usual vet didn't seem very confident so I switched vets to one recommended on here.. I went to rose cottage vets in Runcorn today...
  6. caitlynn

    Having Trouble Getting Piggy To Eat

    Hi there. My poor pig, Khaleesi, just got her front incisors and back molars trimmed by a vet, who I was told is experienced with this procedure, on Thursday (four days ago). Her molars were overgrown and were causing tongue entrapment and the vet who did the procedure on her told me that they...