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  1. Tinychels

    Mom guinea pig fights with her two three month old daughters

    Hello! A while back, I've made a thread on my mom guinea pig Akira, who bit her son when he was one week old. I was told that it was normal, that it was just her way of "spanking" him and how she's the superior of the group. It's been a few months now since then, and I have Akira with her two...
  2. Tinychels

    Mother guinea pig bites her one and a half week old son

    Hello! My name is Chelsy & I just wanted to start off saying that I’m new to this website so hopefully I can get some answers from other piggy owners :). One of my female guinea pigs (her name is Akira) just recently gave birth to two girls (Ruby and Athena) and one boy (Niko). I was in the...
  3. C

    Urgent Help Please - She's Not Good After Few Days Of Birth

    My guinea pig gave birth to 3 healthy little babies we adore few days ago. She made us sooooo happy. But, now 4-5 days after she's not so good. She is lethargic, static and very slow, she's not even eating well and don't drink water, as she always does. She's with her babies right now. She don't...
  4. L

    Mother And Baby Bonding With Others

    We recently got a new mother and baby guinea pig from an SSPCA shelter, to keep our original (neutered, so he shouldn't smell of males) pig company, after his companion died. We were originally planning on getting just the mother, but we learned that she had been bonded with her daughter when we...
  5. Stewybus

    Holly & Her Babies Having Breakfast

    Here's a short video of Holly & her 6 3-day-old babies having breakfast this morning :) x