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  1. O

    Sleep Tight King Nibbler

    As some of you may now, our little big guy Nibbler went to round 10 in his 4th battle with URI/Pneumonia on Monday, 9/12/22. He fought all the way to the end but was unable to pull through. He was a real special pig and persevered through so much in his 6 and a 1/2 years with us. His body began...
  2. L


    I am sad to say that Gus has passed away. I am feeling guilty, depressed, and shocked. At 1:30 AM on Wednesday, he stood up on the side of his habitat and wanted a carrot; when I went to check on him at 3 AM, his back legs were stiff and he was unable to move. I should have taken him to the...
  3. Sammoo101

    A Mourning Boar

    Last week I lost one of my guinea pigs very suddenly. He left behind 2 cage mates one 4 years old named Brownie and that was with S'more(my g pig that passed) for his entire life and another guinea pig(Puddin) and he is just under a year. Their reaction has been worrying me. Brownie has...
  4. G

    Guinea Pig Mourning

    Yesterday sadly one of my two guinea pigs passed away due to old age. Our one is now lonely and we are looking to give her to one of our friends who have guinea pigs so that she can have company. But until then, are there any tips to help her with loneliness? it may take some time to find her a...
  5. Parnassus

    Lonely Guinea Pig, Lost Her Boyfriend.

    (Please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong topic area, I'm new to the site.) I need advice or support or tips of any kind! A few months ago, we adopted a newly bonded pair that was fostered by the lady who runs the local rescue. One is part satin (4-6 months old, the rescue wasn't...