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Sleep Tight King Nibbler


New Born Pup
Sep 11, 2022
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New York
As some of you may now, our little big guy Nibbler went to round 10 in his 4th battle with URI/Pneumonia on Monday, 9/12/22. He fought all the way to the end but was unable to pull through. He was a real special pig and persevered through so much in his 6 and a 1/2 years with us.

His body began suddenly shutting down late Monday afternoon, first with his arms losing strength, and then his legs… but in typical Nibbler fashion was still holding onto an Oxbow treat we gave him with such power to the bitter end. I swear, it was the strongest we’ve seen him. In this moment, he didn’t look puffy, his coat looked sleek, and his eyes didn’t appear sunken. He looked as sweet as he ever did and as if he could have lived for another 100 more years. It’s as if he was relentless in showing the slightest illness as he was fading away.

We are forever grateful to have shared countless beautiful moments with him as he’s aged from a young near-baby pig to an aging dinosaur. From the early days of him being the rumblestrutter, mounting his brothers, and stealing food, to the later stage of teeth chattering, having arthritis, and getting mounted by the new muscle.

We will forever love and miss you.

Rest easy King Nibbler
(Sexy Legs)



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Sleep tight Nibbler, sorry for your loss big hugs 🤗
What a lovely tribute. So sorry to hear this. He sounded like an amazing pig and he looked lovely too, those are brilliant photos. That’s a good age to reach and sounds like he lived his best life with you, but I know that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. 😢Take care as you grieve.
So sorry you lost King Nibbler, what a beautiful little character which shows through on your photos, sending big hugs x
Sleep tight little man 🌈
Sorry for your loss. He looked like such a happy piggy. Sleep tight Nibbler x
I’m so sorry for your loss. Popcorn high at the bridge Nibbler.
Nibbler wasn’t really a popcorner his whole life, however, we managed to capture this popcorn video a week before his 6th birthday. I guess he was getting old, but he was happy. 🥲

- YouTube
Such a lovely tribute to your special boy.
Nibbler had a lovely home filled with love and care.
Be gentle with yourself as you grieve
I’m sad to hear Nibbler has travelled to RB. He lived his very best life with you and that’s all we can ever give (or want) for our piggies. You have wonderful memories of dear King Nibbler. Look after yourselves as you get used to life without him 💔
I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a very handsome (and obviously very tenacious!) piggie! Many gentle ((HUGS)) to you.