1. mommapiggal


    Need advice & guidance. Monday we lost 1 of our 3 piggals. The 2 are melancholy from losing baby sister. What can we do to help their grieving? They eat and drink minimally but haven't made a peep since Monday. My kids and I are distraught, please help us help them.
  2. T

    Help! Guinea pig grieving

    Hello, I need some help for my guinea Bailey. Yesterday his buddy Bear sadly passed away. Bailey is almost 2 years old and was the dominant one and did nip bear once but they got along well. He is grieving (laying where bear was found, not moving much and generally not being his squeaky self!)...
  3. Gemm24

    Goodbye my baby Oreo

    My baby Oreo died this morning, she was my first guinea pig and my first one to lose. It’s so strange to not see her in her cage munching on some veg. She was a fantastic guinea pig who was the big boss of everyone. She was so cute and cuddly! She could also be stubborn and moody but that was...
  4. Piggiemum7

    Will Benny Be Okay On His Own?

    Today Ben lost his lifelong friend Jerry. They didn't live together (in cages on top of each other) and rarely spent time together other than floor time (still separated by cage), Ben was definitely the dominant piggy and seemed to get annoyed when Jerry would try to cuddle him etc. What I'm...
  5. leahp1803

    Grieving Guinea Pig

    yesterday I had to have one of my Guinea pigs put to sleep, unfortunately he left behind his companion who was his best friend and also his son. I know I have to leave him to his grieving stage, and he's obviously struggling as he won't even let me clean his cage out, so I'm going to leave him...