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  1. D

    Squinting eyes

    Hello, just wanted to write on here to see if anyone else has dealt with the similar. I have 3 little sisters, only 15 weeks old. Petal has been squinting her eyes (quite badly at some points) when eating. We went to the vets on Wednesday and the vet checked inside her mouth, eyes and listened...
  2. Laurenmay

    Dental Big lump on the bottom of my piggies mouth!

    Hi, I could really do with some advice please. I have a 5 year old male pig called Bennie, in the last 4/5 days his bottom teeth seemed to separate, I kept an eye on it and he had no further problems, continued eating and drinking. This morning when I went to top up their hay I noticed he had...
  3. Guineapigmum

    Dental Help and advice needed please! Guinea pig struggling to chew/eat

    Hello all, I'm very worried about my guinea pig. I have an emergency guinea pig specialist vet appointment tomorrow morning. A couple of days ago I noticed my 3 and a half year old female guinea pig taking longer to eat than usual. She was chewing but she was taking ages to consume...
  4. RachelLaura2012


    We got Jimmy out tonight and have found what appears to be something fungal on his nose/mouth. It’s come on since last night as that’s when I last saw him up close, so it’s come on quite quickly. I’ll be emailing the vets a photo to take a look at but as it’s night time here in the UK, I was...
  5. Kale

    Piggy mouth trouble, pawing at face and not drinking

    Yesterday I noticed that my piggy was having some mouth trouble. She occasionally makes a silent gagging gesture and paws at her face, which is of little use as her toes are curly. She is eating fine, though I noticed this morning she prefers hay over water. It is a bottle, so I'm wondering if...
  6. Tinychels

    Another piggie tooth issue

    Hello :(! On my previous post, my piggie Ruby has chipped her tooth. Luckily, her tooth grew back by the time I took her to the vet and now she’s fine. The vet did trim the tooth a little, and Ruby screamed (literally, not squealed, she SCREAMED). I kind of don’t want put Athena on the same...
  7. Laura M.

    lip infection?

    I went to see my guinea pigs after over 24 hours away from them (my Mum looked after them) and I saw something on one's lip. It was like a bit of feeding hay stuck to his lip with dried up pellet mush. Ten minutes later I came back with a wet cotton bud and my Mum. When I came back it looked...
  8. H

    Guinea Pig Mouth Lumps

    So I already have a vet visit scheduled for this week coming up but I’m a worried piggy mom. My guy has had a run in with his old cage mate years ago so his lip is split all the way up basically. But he has gotten chellitis(sp?) in the past so ik how to treat that so I have been doing so since...
  9. Jennybug89

    New Request For My Daughter!

    My little girl is obsessed with piggy mouths since we got our little woman, so I thought she'd love to see other beautiful piggies mouths on here! Our Rosie doesn't like to pose for mouth pics haha
  10. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    I Heard You Like Pig-lips?

    Oh Darwin, do put them away XD
  11. Sharna1992

    Poorly Guinea Pig - Bite Wound Or Fungal?

    Hiya I haven't posted before so please let me know if I have posted in the right place. I recently had my auntie look after my guinea pigs for me and we just got them back and she did she thinks they had a fight as there was a bit of blood on her cheek. Now she has a black scab there but my...
  12. Piggiekisses

    Please Help Asap

    Hi, my piggy had something fall on his face, or maybe I accidentally stepped on his face area. Either way, he can't eat right now and there's no vet until the morning. what should I do in the meantime? I don't own critical care but maybe I can make something like that.
  13. ajtownhill

    Unknown Mouth Problem - Vets Confused.

    Hopefully you will be able to see the attached video, if not I will try again. EDIT: The video can also be viewed at My little Victor has been poorly for around a week now. He wasn't eating properly and couldn't bite into food so we took him to the vets. He had a procedure on Wednesday 10th...
  14. crnyng

    Mouth Scabs?

    My moms male guinea pig has scabs on his mouth. I haven't been over in a while and stopped by today. Of course first thing I had to do was say hi to him and this is what I noticed. This is something of concern correct? Just want to make sure because I did tell her to take him in. Just looking...
  15. TheWheekies

    Chip Broke His Teeth!

    Hi, I'd like to send you to my new blog and my latest post about how Chip broke his teeth and how I'm dealing with it! Please give feedback and if you have any tips, feel free to share either in the comments here or on my blog. thesqueakies.wordpress.com