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  1. P

    Moving poorly guinea pig

    Nancy is booked in for an x-ray on Thursday. The vet thinks she has bladder stones. She also has had mites. Her sister, Pumpkin had been unwell too so that's added on stress. I find where I live extremely stressful. It's a council flat, with pretty much no soundproofing. A neighbour has been...
  2. N

    Travelling internationally, Any help?

    We are moving to Belgrade, Serbia from Calgary, Canada, I've looked at all the flight that go to Europe from here, and none of them allow guinea pigs to travel in the cabin, I have two and I'd hate to leave them here. Does anyone have any recommendations or knowledge for airlines that allow...
  3. E

    Moving to UK with guinea pigs

    Hi all, we currently live in the US & are planning to move to Scotland next year. The UK website indicates all rodents coming from non-EU countries need to go through a 4 month quarantine for rabies. Some people have suggested if you travel through an EU country such as be France, you can avoid...
  4. Streaky

    Moving away to Uni!

    Hi all, Not sure what section to be posting this on but I’m hoping to go off to uni this September however I won’t have anyone to look after Streaky which is really sad! Does anyone know what I could do? Or if anyone could look after him? I live in Birmingham and will hopefully be going to a...
  5. TheLottiediarys

    What A Crazy Few Days!

    Boy have I had the most crazy, manic few days! I was rearranging the whole animal room yesterday which meant moving all 6 piggies out in seperate temporary cages as well as both Hamsters so I could move everyone's enclosures round! But it looks better now and it's better for everyone! Then I...
  6. Kallasia

    Stressed! House-buying And Survey Is Very Bad!

    So we're buying a house for the first time ever. The piggies are getting their own bedroom. This has been months in the making now, with so much paperwork and the estate agents and solicitors taking ages... But today we got the buildings survey/report back. Now, it's an older property and...
  7. M


    me and my friend recently got two guinea pigs together and they have been going back and fourth between our houses every four days. I feel like this is stressful for them and we shouldn't be doing this and among other reason and I would like your oppinion.
  8. WinnieandBear

    Moving Stress And Worries! Help

    Hello! I just moved into my parents yesterday to save up for mortgages etc. And of course the piggies have moved too. I expected them to be a little quiet for the first day or so but I am super worried! They have the same c&c cage and toys and bedding etc. But this evening I just saw Bear...