1. Queenjellybeany

    Mucus in poop?

    Hello all! My 3 year old pig keeps getting tummy problems and I’m not sure what to do? Every now and then (like every other month so?) she’ll squeak when she poops like she’s constipated and can’t get it out. When she does push, her poo is normally quite wet and sticky? Today she was...
  2. Sarah Jane


    I’m back again. Piglet has been great for months, I’ve taken her to the vet twice on account of some clicking from her nostrils (no discharge, putting on weight, eyes clear, eating, peeing, pooping, drinking, popcorning - all til present day). The other day she was wheezing very audibly (you...
  3. squeaku

    Mucus on guinea poop?

    I currently have two girls. One of them has some slimy thing on their poop (with I believe is mucus). Should I keep them away from each other? Also is there anything else I can do to fix this? Thank you! (None of them seem to be acting weird either)
  4. GeorgiaHarris

    Mucus in urine

    I’ve had my 2 month old skinny pig sow out for lap time and I’ve just noticed that after she urinated there was some mucus attached to her genitals. Her urine looks completely normal and there is no mucus in her urine it’s just attached to her afterwards. I wiped it off, the first bit was...
  5. E

    Bloody mucus, help!

    Hi My 4 year old female guinea pig had soft poops that turned into diarrhea over about 4 days. Her stomach was also rumbling quite often and loudly. We took her to the vets and they said she may have picked something up and gave us fibreplex we gave her one dose of it yesterday and i was giving...