nail cutting

  1. J

    Guinea pigs quick has reached the tip of the nail

    We just adopted our piggies from someone who clearly didn't know how to care for them or just didn't try (overgrown nails, dirty cage, was only feeding rabbit pellets, and the poor babies reeked of urine and cigarette smoke). Anyway, we just trimmed all their tips except one, one of our piggies...
  2. M

    Swollen toe

    I just rescued 2 piggies from a home where they were not taken care of in November. Their nails were very long so I clipped them. I still noticed a while later that one of their nails (Brownie) were still very long in the back, so I went to clip them again, his nails are brown, and hit his...
  3. Laura M.

    are these nails too long

    Could you tell me if these nails need cutting?
  4. Siikibam

    Nail Trimmer And Brushing

    Ive used our nail cutter in the past to cut the boys’ nails but I’m not too happy with the way it works. I did a search and found some use clippers. I’m wondering if this is the correct one? Secondly, they seem to shed a lot - in finding hairs in the bathroom and on my bedside table, and other...
  5. court29x

    Clipping New Baby Guinea Pigs Claws!

    I'm a bit nervous about clipping my piggies claws! I've had guinea pigs before and so have all my older sisters but because I was so young they all used to clip them, my piggies are 7 weeks old now, when and how should I clip them? advice? x
  6. Hlao-roo

    Super Sharp Nails - Help!

    My piggy Romeo has super sharp nails! I trim them but he has broken my skin a few times recently with them because they still stay really sharp. My other piggies scratch a little but no where near as bad as Romeo. Is there a way to dull them a little? Can I file them? Any success stories with...
  7. MapleLeafPigs

    Nail Clipping Struggles. Advice Appreciated

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for some advice on nail clipping for my one piggt Jasper. He's been with me for 7 months. He was rescued and has done extremely well adjusting to life with me and his little brother Neville, except in regards to nail clipping. Jasper was surrendered to our local...