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Laura M.

Junior Guinea Pig
Jun 14, 2019
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Could you tell me if these nails need cutting? IMG_20190618_172400.jpgIMG_20190618_172423.jpg
You could maybe take the tips off. The quick (pink bit) will shrink back the more often the nails are cut meaning you can keep the nails shorter.
Pet shops sell nail clippers in the small animal bit. Or if you've a rescue near they sometimes trim nails for a donation to their funds.
At my vet it is is £15 pounds each, and we are not exactly made of money. Should I pay for them to cut one guinea pig's nails then do the rest myself?
That's excessive for nail trimming. Nail cutting is OK once you're used to it. I would try a rescue if there's one near.
I was nervous to do our new rescue girl Winnys nails tonight .... they needed doing so the other held her to his chest facing outwards and I quickly took the ends off... she started to squeal which made it worse 😕 it does take some practice x
The rescue where I had my girls from gave me a really good tip for knowing when they needed their manicure. She said put your one finger under the foot and if the nails are digging into your finger the nails need trimming if the nails are just touching your finger they are ok.