nails too long

  1. nelly.png

    help, guinea pigs nails are overgrown

    hello, I have 2 female guinea pigs and they'll be 6 years old next year. they're still very active and happy. they live outside as it doesn't get cold here (and if it does they get a blanket) and live in a large cage. I've noticed that after years of never having issues with long or overgrown...
  2. S

    Best way to clip nails?

    What are the best techniques to clip or file down my piggy’s nails?
  3. Laura M.

    are these nails too long

    Could you tell me if these nails need cutting?
  4. cloudsheep

    Nail Trimming Advice

    about two weeks ago, two lovely piggies were rehomed to me. the lady had to give them up because one of her children turned out to be allergic to them. they came to me in a smallish cage that i quickly upgraded to a midwest plus cage. the piggies are adorable, but they're extremely skittish. i'm...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Super long quicks

    So I recently adopted two guinea pigs that clearly hadn’t been well looked after :( both of them have super long quicks (I think that’s the name for them) which is the blood vessel part inside their nail. Is there any way to help them? Because I can’t cut into the blood their nails are also...
  6. Chestnut&Hazel

    Cutting Pigs Nails

    My 2 pigs are 2 years old so they have had numerous nail trimmings, but only on their back feet. Do i need to trim their front nails? One of my girls, (the one who really doesn't like having her nails done) has one long front nail but not long enough that it is getting in the way of her paw...