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  1. Cheyenne_S

    Guinea pig paw pads

    Hiya! I've noticed that the paw pads of my guinea pig's front paws are swollen - or look very thick and flat. There are no wounds, no inflammation, no pain... so it's not pododermatitis. His paws have always looked a little wonky though. He's a rescue and his nails were very, very long when we...
  2. K

    Hair and Nail Care

    We've had our 2 girls since January and we're still working on hand taming. We can feed them and give a chin scratch at the same time, but not quite allowed to touch them anywhere else or pick them up. They could both do with a nail trim, but Eevee is long haired and I've noticed matting, so...
  3. mackenzieluvslife

    Spur? Extra nail?

    Hi! I haven’t been on here in quite a bit! Today as I was cutting Latte’s nails, I realized that her front paw seems to have something extra on it? I tried my best to get photos to show, but it is on her left foot I believe and is on the left side of it and it is dark in color. Her nails also...
  4. B

    Guinea pigs won’t let me touch them or cut their nails

    So my guinea pigs don’t let me touch them or pick them up. I had them for almost a year now and we can’t cut their nails. The most we can do is pet their noses. Someone please help me on how to trim their nails and be able to pick them up.
  5. H

    Nail Clipping

    Hello, I'm a new guinea pig owner and I bought year-old guinea pigs off Kijiji. When I got them, they were not given any hay and their nails were very long. I have tried to clip them but the quick of the nails has grown so much that one of my boy's nails bled once I cut it (he has black nails...
  6. wheek!guinea

    should i go shorter?

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if you think Koji's nails need to be shorter? I've looked up videos and read the forums but with the darker nails it's harder for me to tell :).
  7. Soggyeggroll

    Adopted a guinea pig yesterday with gnarly nails! Help please

    Hi everyone, so I adopted this boy yesterday and noticed his nails were really long. Today he was comfortable enough for me to actually exam them... I'm beyond shocked. Not only are they long with quicks the length their nails should be but one on the front seems to be blown up, the two next to...
  8. wheek!guinea

    Grooming Wipes, Nail Trims.

    Are these safe for guinea pigs, or just in general? I couldn't find any reviews or information online regarding other peoples experience with guinea pigs. Also how often would you use grooming wipes? I noticed my guinea pig has dirty paws and yellow stains on his face, but thought a luke-warm...
  9. M

    Curly toes

    From the day we brought him home, one of my boars has had toes that curl inwards towards each other, rather that straight. He doesn't seem to have any pain/walking issues, and the rest of his feet are fine, but I do find it makes toenail trimming a little more difficult (but not impossible)...
  10. Laura M.

    are these nails too long

    Could you tell me if these nails need cutting?
  11. M

    Shy Guinea Pig

    I’ve had Macy for coming on about three years. She is quite outgoing. Like most Guinea pigs, shell run if I try to pick her up but she’ll be fine immediately after. I can pet her through the cage and could basically scream (not that I do or would) and she’d be fine if not a small freeze. When I...
  12. Tinychels

    Guinea pig nails crooked

    Hello! My young piggy, Ruby, has black nails. Since her birth (In the end of August), I’ve only cut her nails once. The first and last time I did so was in mid November. I went to the vet shortly after her birth to have a check up and asked how often should I cut her nails. The vet advised me...
  13. Siikibam

    Nail Trimmer And Brushing

    Ive used our nail cutter in the past to cut the boys’ nails but I’m not too happy with the way it works. I did a search and found some use clippers. I’m wondering if this is the correct one? Secondly, they seem to shed a lot - in finding hairs in the bathroom and on my bedside table, and other...
  14. Han Heydon

    Issues With Nails & Clipping

    hey wondering if anyone could give me some advice. one of my piggies is all brown including his nails which makes it very hard to see the quick of his nails and he very much hates having his nails cut. As a result he wriggles which makes it that much harder. as a result he often goes a while...
  15. BenjiAndButtons

    Strange Behaviour

    Hi All! Benji just confused us a little. I put him down on the floor for his run, and he was walking around fine and suddenly he stopped, held his front foot in the air until i approached him, he then walked off but was looking like he didn't want to put much weight on his right hand side. I...
  16. TheLottiediarys

    Very Large Weirdly Coloured Nail?

    Hi guys, Something Aurora has had since I've got her is a strange, large oddly coloured nail. I've got a photo here: As you can see its clearly different from her other nails, it's a back foot so I know they are large and thick anyway, The issue I'm having with this nail is it all looks and...
  17. TheLottiediarys

    Struggling To Trim Rabbits Nails.

    Hi guys! We've got some rabbits, two I believe are giants or in any case very large rabbits and one is a normal sized. Flick the normal sized doe's nails are perfectly fine, I think she spends a lot of time in the run so files them down naturally but my two large/giant grey rabbits seems to...
  18. Gia

    3 Nails, One Toe

    I have owned guinea pigs for about a year and half now. I just got another pig about a week ago, and I noticed he has three nails on one toe! I just wanted to share this, because I thought it was extremely bazaar. Any vets who could tell me why he has them? Gia xoxo
  19. Hlao-roo

    Super Sharp Nails - Help!

    My piggy Romeo has super sharp nails! I trim them but he has broken my skin a few times recently with them because they still stay really sharp. My other piggies scratch a little but no where near as bad as Romeo. Is there a way to dull them a little? Can I file them? Any success stories with...
  20. I

    Nail Clipping

    I plan on getting 2 male Guinea pigs in August, after researching further about Guinea pig health I realized that the nails will need to be cut when neccescary. I am also aware of the quick and the fact that cutting the quick can lead to a result of pain for the Guinea pigs. Please comment how...