1. Pumpkin&Spice

    Saline solution for nebuliser

    Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone may be able to help - I’m wondering which saline solution is best to use for a nebuliser for piggies? Is a commerIal one OK to use? I can’t find much info about it! I’ve seen this one in Tesco but obviously I don’t want to give it to her without checking...
  2. Laurenmay

    Where can I get the best F10 solutions?

    Hi everyone, my Vet has told me that my pig needs nebulizing with F10 ready-made antiseptic solution however I'm a bit of a lost cause on where to get the solution from. If anyone has any recommendations they would be very much appreciated. :D
  3. A

    Hooting noise

    Hello:) I bought my guinea pig (Buzz) from pets at home on 08/03/2020. I noticed in the car on the way home that he had a clear drip from his nose and his chest sounded like a clicking/hooting noise. I rang pets at home the following day to inform them of this, they agreed to treat him at their...
  4. piggieminder

    Nebulising What Box To Use?

    Bracken has a slight upper respitatory crackle, the vet wants me to nebulise him with F10. I've searched the threads and got myself confused by all the info. The vet said use the pet carrier and put a towel over it, but wont that just make the towel damp and soak up the steam? If I use a plastic...
  5. Qualcast&Flymo

    How Long Should I Use Nebuliser For?

    I'm currently nebulising Zebedee as he has yet another URI, but not sure how long to carry it on for. I started 12 days ago, just once a day, after I noticed the occasional grunty breathing etc. I increased it to twice a day at the beginning of last week (8 days ago) as the grunty breathing...
  6. T

    How To Administer Inhalers?!

    my pig Willow has been prescribed inhalers to help her lungs intake more oxygen. How do I effectively get her to inhale as much of the puff as possible? I have little masks but it sprays too violently in her face. I also use a nebulisation chamber for Willow but I feel the volume of the box is...
  7. T

    Please Please I Need Help!:( Severe Piggie Breathing Problems!

    I am really at a loss of what to do anymore:( nobody seems to have a slight incline what could be wrong with my pig, even the vets. I've taken Willow to two vets- I rescued her from someone at college who could no longer care for her, I was told she had a sever respiratory infection while with...
  8. T

    Nebulisation In Uk?!?!

    so I'm part of a Guinea pig group on Facebook and after having my pig for over 6 months she has been up and down with respiratory issues- this is due to a severe long respiratory infection she had very young with a previous owner. It recently flared up and she was taken to the vets and given...
  9. Kallasia

    Please Help - Chronic Lung Problems & Illness And Long-term Medicine Use

    Hi all, Binky has been on this round of medication for a month now. I'm just wondering how long I should keep him on it / how long it is safe to do so. The vets have said until he is better but last time we did that his symptoms were back within days. He's on the following: 1ml Metacam twice...