need help fast

  1. Honey-Claw

    Please Help! Guinea pig starving

    I am the proud mama of seven piggies. We get our hay through and order the 50 lb box of oxbow hay. Last order was horrible, hay was dried out, very stiff and hard, had no scent and the pets didn’t seem to like it. I had nothing else I could give them at that time and I thought all of...
  2. C

    New Piggies Frozen and not moving

    Hi All I picked up my new brothers of guinea pigs (9weeks old) and they are in there cage but both are frozen. They are not moving. :( I appreciate that they will be shy and that hiding in there hidies is common but I haven’t read anything about being complexly frozen. It’s been about an hour...
  3. A

    Specialist Need help asap

    Hi, I'm new on here but i seriously need help as my vets are useless, my guinea pig is Honey and she'll be 2 on Januray 2020 She started being the smallest out the group and we thought jt was normal but then she started losing weight because her sister was stealing all her food, we noticed and i...
  4. E

    Thick layer of crust covering vagina?

    My little piggy has gone through alot. I think she's like two months old? Unsure. She's a problematic albino. She had gotten surgery on her eye. And while doing the surgery she was accidentally burnt on her stomach near her vagina. She had since healed from that but it has definitely left a bald...