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  1. P

    Helping Guinea pigs

    Does anyone else feel overwhelmed thinking about how many Guinea pigs are out there living terrible lives? Often I think about how many neglected hungry and cold Guinea pigs must be out there with terrible living conditions and bad diets and I just want to save them all. I feel so sorry for them...
  2. H

    Lamenting and advice?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forums and really need to find people that understand my anger right now. Recently, within the last month or so, I've adopted a guinea pig from a new friend. I won't go too into detail to remain anonymous. He's around a year and a half out and a very sweet, but very...
  3. Natrista

    Advice For Abused Guinea Pigs?

    I recently adopted two male guinea pigs. They are a bonded pair so I got them together. The only problem is the person I got them from was blind, and hadn't picked them up or groomed them in over two years. It's to the point where they won't let anyone touch them. It saddens me when I go to...
  4. WinnieandBear

    Did Anyone Else See The Piggy On Bbc News?!?! Poor Things Nails?!

    Oh my god I am shocked by the guinea pig just shown on BBC News being cared for by a disabled gentleman its nails were over an inch long and literally SPIRALLED from clearly never being cut!? The poor thing I can't believe that was just aired without being picked up on! Poor thing I feel awful...
  5. Parnassus

    Lonely Guinea Pig, Lost Her Boyfriend.

    (Please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong topic area, I'm new to the site.) I need advice or support or tips of any kind! A few months ago, we adopted a newly bonded pair that was fostered by the lady who runs the local rescue. One is part satin (4-6 months old, the rescue wasn't...