1. Natrista

    Piggy Doesn't Make Any Noise?

    A female guinea pig I've been looking after for a while had never made any noise. Not even a little one. Anybody know why this could be?
  2. Natrista

    Advice For Abused Guinea Pigs?

    I recently adopted two male guinea pigs. They are a bonded pair so I got them together. The only problem is the person I got them from was blind, and hadn't picked them up or groomed them in over two years. It's to the point where they won't let anyone touch them. It saddens me when I go to...
  3. piggie.slave

    New Pigs?

    We need some of your opinions on a little problem I have, Basically, I own two male pigs who live in a 3x2 at the moment, about two weeks ago they had to be separated, due to dominance issues, but soon to be re bonded hopefully and put into a 6x2 c&c cage My mums friend owns guineapigs and is...