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neutered boar

  1. M

    How long till i can introduce my neutered boar to my sows?

    Hi, We netuered our boar a while back and are eager to try introduce him to the girls, however looking online and even here i have found very conflicting information about how long we should wait, in two days it will be exactly 4 weeks since his surgery, is it ok to indroduce him now? i have...
  2. EllieAndChester

    Neutered Piggy Not Acting Normal

    This past Monday my little guy got neutered. The vet told me he'd be okay in about a week, but I've begun to worry about him. Out of my two, he is my most active, vocal, and friendly. I have seen him eat, so to say he's not eating would be a little far fetched. He eats his vitamin c tablet in...
  3. GeorgiaHarris


    I'm thinking about having my 7 month old boar neutered as I would would like him to be with a pair of females in the future. Does any one know much it costs and know of any information that may useful. Also, if anyone knows of any experienced vets in the West Midlands, particularly in or around...
  4. L

    Neutered Dad with Newborn Baby

    Is it okay to have a neutered boar in the same cage with a sow and her 3 week old baby girl? (and another sow who’s their other daughter). I’ve seen that the males shouldn’t be with the babies when the mom is around at first or at all, is that still true if he’s neutered? I had him in the cage...
  5. K

    Boar Not Recovering Well Post Neutering

    Hi there, My boar Spike is not recovering well post op, he’s just sitting there and barely eating anything. I’m feeding him critical care (started today), and he’s been back to the vet, who gave him pain killer and antibiotics as well as fluids. He’s seeing and pooping a little bit now. He is on...
  6. P

    Guinea Pig Post Op - What Is Normal?

    Hello there, My boy, Fluff, was castrated yesterday poor thing. The vet said that everything went well and that he seemed to be recovering well. I am just a bit concerned as to what is normal behaviour after an op and also what is normal food consuption etc? I gave him some spinach leaves...
  7. NoiNoi

    Neutered Boar Chasing Sow.

    So! I recently got Banksy (the boar) and Ivy (sow) from a rescue. They've been cage mates for a year, and up until recently have got on like a house on fire, which is wonderful. Last night, Banksy would -not- give Ivy peace! He chased her around the enclosure endlessly, until Ivy hid away in a...
  8. CDRVN

    Uti Guidance For My Boy Errol

    Hello! This is my first post! I am an RVN in the UK and recently one of my vets at work took a look at my piggie. He's lost 105g in 1 month, he has been 1.000kg for 2 years (give or take 20g!) and now he is 0.895kg. He has also been drinking a lot! My vet prescribed Septrin (trimethoprim...
  9. Danielle Smith

    Secretion From Penis Post-neuter; Pus, Glue, Smegma, Sludgy Wee?

    Tubs was neutered on Saturday 26th November. While he was exclusively syringe-fed at first, he's recovering somewhat and eating hay, veggies and some pellets (he's losing 5-10g a day, but I'm keeping an eye on that and topping up with syringe feed where necessary). He's on loxicom for pain...
  10. Sach15

    Adding A Neutered Boar To A Quad?

    I have 4 sows and they get on fine but one of the girls is very dominant and gets a bit moody if one of the other girls does something she doesn't like. They have a run which is over 6ft and have a hutch against the run to go in for the daytime and They also have a shed with a stable door, which...
  11. S

    Making A Trio?

    i currently have two 5.5 month old sows that have been together since they were 7 weeks old, they live in a 5x2 double storey hutch with permanent access via a wooden tunnel/ramp to a 7x2 outdoor enclosed run. The hutch is kept within my shed that has heating/lighting. What I would like to know...