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new guinea pig hutch

  1. H

    New Guineas can’t find water

    Hi! We got two guinea girls yesterday and we’ve been leaving them to settle in and have fed them veg by hand so they warm up to us. Luckily they seem really confident with that. However, they don’t appear to have touched their water bottle and I’m worried they can’t find it! Any tips or will...
  2. C

    One Or Two Story Hutch?

    hey, I was wondering if people had found that getting two storey hutches with a built in run are worth getting (we have a foldable run at the moment but we probably won't be able to get it out for them to play in everyday). Our two sows are new so if we are going to get a different hutch is it...
  3. orangeinepig

    New Guinea Pig Hutch

    So after many hours of painting my guinea pigs new 6ft hutch is ready for everyone to see and I have to say a big thank you to @worried val of york for being so generous and kind for giving me two of these hutches for free (although one hasn't been painted yet)! I stained the outside a dark oak...