new guinea pig

  1. H

    Is 2 enough?

    I am looking at getting 2 girl guinea pigs. When watching videos online during research an animal specialist said that guinea pigs like it better in groups of 3 or more for their “confidence”. Is this true? Also thinking if something happened to 1, then 2 would still have each other :-/
  2. PippinTook1

    Blowing a Puff of Air (NOT SNEEZING)

    Hi- I just got my guinea pig almost a month ago, I've been bonding with him as much as I can. Sometimes when I am holding him, or just letting him sit on my chest, as he's chirping or squeaking, he blows like a puff of air. He is 100% not sneezing, I've already gotten to understand what his...
  3. Pxhione

    New Piggies behaviour

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to this website... And brand new to owning some Guinea pigs! I did loads of research and finally brought home my two girls yesterday (seen in pic) from my local rescue. I understand that Guinea pigs can be very timid at first but these two haven't moved a single muscle...
  4. ishimercado

    Stargrass Hay and Alfalfa Hay

    Hi, I've had my Guinea pig for almost a month now. She's a month and a couple of weeks old Sheltie/Silkie sow. Not sure why she's not too keen on eating hay. This is they hay I'm giving her. It's Stargrass Hay with Alfalfa Hay. But she doesn't seem to like it that much. I'm not even sure if...
  5. L

    My new Guinea pig

    Hi, I just have a few questions regarding my New Guinea pig. My boyfriend has had guinea pigs in the past to help with his depression, however his parents have kept his previous two. So I surprised him with one a couple of days ago. We were going to get two but they only had males and they were...
  6. J

    New Guinea pig

    I have two pigs named Theo and Gus. Theo is very dominant and always chases Gus to mount him. I went to Petsmart yesterday to get supplies and saw what looked like the saddest adult Guinea pig living alone in this small enclosure. I want to get him. Both to help him and hopefully to give more...
  7. Sonnet


    I know I just posted a few hours ago, but I have a confession. If all goes well in a few weeks, then I'll have two guinea pigs again. Yes, Sprout will no longer be a single pig! Here's the new lad. Got told he’s around 8 months. His current name is George, but that might change.
  8. A

    New Guinea pig?

    So recently my Guinea pig passed a few days ago, and I’m going to wait a few weeks or so to just get my head clear with him gone, but I have a few questions about getting New Guinea pigs, is there anything I can’t re-use from my last Guinea pig? For example, cage, water bottle, food bowl ect...
  9. Julesie

    Meet Yugi!

    Everyone meet Yugi my newest guinea pig :) She's already such a character and is wheeking for hay when she heard the bag rustle. She's very scared in the new environment but I think she'll come out of her shell in no time! After loosing Sakurai it took me a little while to feel strong enough...
  10. honeybee<3

    New piggy is still scared of every sound, how should i calm her down?

    I recently got a new guinea pig, she is very sweet and is doing really well, however, she is scared of the slightest noise. If I even slightly move my foot on the carpet she looks alert or runs back into her hidey. She is completely used to the sound of my voice and she feels safe enough to walk...
  11. S

    New Guinea Pigs Behaviour

    Hello! I’m new here as I have just got my little guinea pigs 😁 they are 2 months old and came home with me 5 days ago now. Me and my boyfriend already have so much love for them and spend a lot of time talking to them, holding and stroking them. I will attach a little video of them in their play...
  12. AlvieOB

    New piggie scared of being picked up

    Hi everone, Yesterday I got two New Guinea pigs (my first ever) from the rescue. They are 8 month old Peruvian boys. One of them(Billy) is confortable being picked up out of the cage (a 4x2 C&C with loft) and cuddled. However, the other piggie, Pumpkin, doesn’t want to be picked up out the cage...
  13. B

    Constant jumping/skipping?

    Hello everyone! I just got 2 guinea pigs, around 3 months of age. They were put together a week ago since they’re not related, but they are getting along great. However, these are my first piggies, and a few things worry me. First off, is it normal that they’re constantly jumping and skipping...
  14. E

    Baby or adult piggy?

    Hi everyone I had 2 lovely guinea pigs fudge and mustard (both boys) and very sadly fudge died last weekend. Mustard is now on his own and I want to get him a friend however unsure whether it would be best to get him a baby or an older one like him. Mustard is 18 months old. When I get another...
  15. A

    2 Male Guinea Pigs, 1 New Male! Help!

    Hey! So me & my girlfriend rescued a guinea pig last year from a local SPCA. (His name is Felix). He was only 2 months old, and about a month after getting him we decided to get another. So we got Hammy, a 3 month old. We followed every step to introduce them, and only after a couple of days of...
  16. S

    Can I Adopt Two New Spayed Sows For The Two Non-neutered Boars I Already Have?

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post so bare with me if I posted in the wrong section. So I already have two boars, Mr. Waffles and Pollo, and I bought them both at a pet store. I didn't know any better, at that point, I didn't even know you could adopt or rescue a guinea pig, much less...
  17. Shelby._.

    New Piggie + Vet Visit = Stress?

    So I have to bring my new piggie to the vet tomorrow because he is sneezing a lot and it is worrying me. I have only had him a few days and am worried about him being stressed as he is very skidish now and doesn’t like my hands near him. Does anyone have any tips to make him less stressed? I...
  18. Shelby._.

    Name For A New Piggie.

    I will be getting a baby boar to pair with a guinea pig who suffered the loss of a cage mate. I’m in need of name ideas and am quite picky haha. I’m looking for a long name that can be shortened to four lettered or less. Example : Augustus - Gus Leonardo - Leo Theodore-Theo. Let me know your...
  19. Sonnet

    Possible New Friend For Chutney

    Been a little while since I posted about Chutney (lone piggy). Well...on Tuesday I picked up a new pig called Bob. He came from a lady who turned out to be allergic to her guinea pigs, and had to rehome them. Went to meet him, and uh...fell in love at first sight! He did have a companion, but...
  20. Heatherrrr712

    Please Help

    I got a guinea pig 9 days ago. She is acting normal, but today suddenly this lump started to grow under her chin. It doesn't bother her when I touch it. What could it be?