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new guinea pigs

  1. M

    New Guinea pigs - possible bullying!?

    Hi there, I just joined today and was after some advice please. We brought 2 female Guinea pigs home today (Kevin & Nico - our 6yr old named them), pet shop said roughly 7 weeks old. They’ve been getting on fine and the journey home they were snuggled up together. We put them in their new house...
  2. G

    First Floor Time Advice!

    Hi! New owner here! So I have had 2 boars for a couple of months now (2-4) and they are getting more confident. The older one is named Patches and the younger one Carmal. I taught Patches how to go to the cage door to get fed vegetables. Carmal is a little less confident, but he is taking...
  3. Raefire

    Very Shy Guinea Pig

    I've had my 2 Guinea Pigs, Mocha and Coco for a while now and Mocha is just fine with me being around. She lets me pick her up and pet her and things like that. However, Coco is still extremely shy. I do understand that when you first get your Guinea Pigs, they'll be shy and it may take some...
  4. C

    Two New Guinea Pigs That Are Scared

    hey, so I got two sows just over a day ago and so far, even when I just sit by the hutch and talk to them if I move they jump away. I've also tried opening the hutch door and putting my hands in so they can get used to my scent, but when I move to stroke them they jump away. Is this normal?
  5. Laci

    Adopting A Companion

    Hey guys! I'm going on three years with my cuddle bug, Snowflake, and I'm finally financially prepared to take on a companion for her. However, I wanted some reassurance on my plans. When I got Snowflake, my younger sister also got a piggy of her own, Patches, and the two of them have always...
  6. hinamimini

    Cat And Rabbit Clinic Prices?

    I've just registered my piggies at the cat and rabbit clinic (super lucky that I live in Northampton) and have booked in for a check up for my new piggies to make sure they're okay but I didn't bother to ask a price, has anyone been there before and if so how much was it for the check up...
  7. Lottie_Guinea

    New Guinea Pigs, Need Advice Please

    Hello everyone, I brought two baby guinea pigs today that are 8 weeks old, they're called Alice and Dinah (I really hope some people get that reference!) (Dinah is said like Diner) (My avatar is a picture of them!) I would like to know what veggies and fruit they should/shouldn't be fed? I had...