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new home

  1. BenjiAndButtons

    Cage Levels

    Hi all! Please see the photos below if my explanation is too confusing. We bought a double cage (2 levels) with the intention of finding a new friend for benji (Black and white Guniea) after he lost his previous friend to Bloat, We bought Barney (White and ginger guinea) but he had case of...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Beans And Toast Are Back Together!

    After 4 days of the piggies being seperated by a divider (to monitor Toast while on meds) they are now back together and loving all the space they have:D This is how their cage was set up while divided.. But now they're reunited and getting used to their new layout :D Now...
  3. H

    Pet Sitting For A Month

    Hi! My friend dropped off her baby guinea pig today. I thought id be taking care of it for a week, turns out hes staying with me for a month. Are there any tips i should know? She gave me the basics on food and care but Id like some more tips. I also noticed some sores on one of his ears and I'm...