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new owners

  1. M


    Hi! My boyfriend (K) and I have 2 young boars. We got Mason early January, and Henry about a week ago. Soon after K got Henry, he put both guinea pigs in a neutral area so they could get to know each other. Mason was so focused on siniffing Henry's butt to the point where Henry would end up...
  2. W

    HELP! 4males together. Fighting. 1 male bullied?

    Hello, in mid July 2018 we decided to get Guinea Pigs for the first time. We went to 2 separate people who were selling their newborns. Both pairs between 8-9 weeks old. We brought a pair of long hair male brothers from some guinea pig breeders and named the back haired Dave, and the white head...
  3. SilverC

    One Social Piggy, And A Nervous One

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the guinea pig world, and only got my piggies this weekend. They're two boars, called Copper and Butterbean (Butters for short), and they're new both to us and to each other - so a big change for everyone. Copper had another cage mate who unfortunately passed away, and...
  4. VeronicaRadd

    First Week With My Piggies!

    Just wanted to share an update on our new family members. They seem to be adjusting well! They both let me hold them and haven't bitten me yet. One is a little more shy than the other but I hope overtime she grows to feel safe around me! Today we went out and got them a bunch of fresh...
  5. Powelly78

    Finally Some Pics Of Our New Girls.

    Hi guys, I haven’t wanted to take any pics yet as have been leaving the girls to settle in. Here are Fluff (on the right) and Stripe (left). Fourteen week old Swiss breed Sisters :love::love: We are so in love! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum as I most...
  6. H

    Shy Guinea Pigs

    Hi, We've had our guinea pigs for 1 and a half days, and they seem to be settling in well. Yesterday they were too scared to even leave their travel box, but now they're exploring a bit and coming out. However cookie who is noticably the shyer pig of the two is not as confident. She hides behind...
  7. PiggyProdigy

    Introducing Non Litter Males?

    Hey so my dad agreed to me getting guinea pigs, and I have references on cages, food, veggies, vet bills, all the necessities and I have an eye on a cage I would like to purchase online, but there is just one thing. My local pet store has 2 male guinea pigs who haven't been there for very long...
  8. H

    Help With Gender Selecting

    Hi, I am a wannabe guinea pig owner, I really want to have guinea pigs as a family pet, we've all agreed to it! The only trouble is that we really don't know if we want a group of guinea pig sows or a group of guinea pig boars. Can someone please help us? We have heard of one boar and...
  9. D

    3yr Old Piggy Making Cracking Noise After Being Dropped.

    We recently adopted 2 three year old piggies and have never had piggies before. .tonight my daughter was holding her piggie and it squirmed out of her hands and landed back in the cage..poor piggie seemed fine a little stunned.. then we noticed like a raspy cracking sound, I'm not sure I'd this...