new piggie advice

  1. A

    Bonding help

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get 4 baby sows for my 2 year old rescue boar. I just needed some advice on when it comes to adding them all to a cage after the (hopefully) successful bonding. I plan on using new fleece liners as well as new beds/hides/bowls/bottles/other accessories but just...
  2. plantandpiggiemom

    two new piggies, one is being a bully

    Hello all, I haven’t had piggies in several years and since before they were owned by my family, I’ve never had two, but I’ve raised several. Three weeks ago, my partner and I got two young females who were close in age (maybe a few weeks apart) and from the same place, but hadn’t interacted...
  3. P

    How do I tell which of my sows is top piggy?

    I have two sows and are extremely tightknit, wherever one goes, the other follows, and both of them start their little piggy expeditions! Lol. they both seem very oddly submissive, and extremely, extremely lovable to one another. When they eat they sit right beside each other and rub faces...
  4. W

    Tips for ramp use

    Hey! I just got my two piggies, they are 10 weeks old and really settling into their new house well. They haven't used their loft yet, does anyone have any tips to get them to climb this ramp? Thanks so much!
  5. Rachel1234510

    A bit of advice needed for our new piggies!

    Hey all! I'm very new to this forum thing but I have come across many threads from here when searching online that have been helpful! We have two new guinea pigs, beautifully named Emily and Piggy Wiggy by our daughter :D! We have had them for two weeks now and they are 10 weeks old. I'm...
  6. min eleanor

    female guinea pig rumble strutting/purring to other female, need advice

    hi! so i got my pigs not long ago and they are both female (well supposedly, i’m hoping they are) and one has been rumbling/purring to the other. i understand that it can be a dominance behaviour for females and the one who does it is definitely the bigger pig and more brave but i want to rule...
  7. rinlalin

    Can I Get A New Piggie?

    hello all! my piggie bootsy is in quarantine right now being cared for by staff for a URI. he's going to be there for at least another week. i was planning on getting new, dust free bedding, hides and some toys PLUS a new piggie for when he gets back. can i get another piggie today? should i...