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new piggie owner

  1. D

    Two new guinea pigs, one is very shy

    Hi all, we've just good a pair of baby guinea pigs (two and a half months old) two days ago. They are two girls, Molly and Ginger. At first they both stayed frozen but then Ginger started getting visibility bolder. I understand Molly needs more time but my worry is that she is not getting fresh...
  2. R

    Advice for possible improvements

    Hello! I rescued a boar from a very neglectful situation back in March of this year - I am not 100% sure of his age but his previous owner got him as a baby and had him for 2 years and for those 2 years he was living inside of a plastic storage box. He was fed pellets (I'm not sure of the brand...
  3. P

    How do I tell which of my sows is top piggy?

    I have two sows and are extremely tightknit, wherever one goes, the other follows, and both of them start their little piggy expeditions! Lol. they both seem very oddly submissive, and extremely, extremely lovable to one another. When they eat they sit right beside each other and rub faces...
  4. W

    Picky Eater

    I just recently got a guinea pig and he’s pretty young. i’m concerned that he is a very picky eater and will pick out certain pieces of his food. is this normal? should i try a different food? should i try straight veggies n such? please help
  5. rinlalin

    General Questions!

    hello all! i just had a few questions about caring for my new piggie. 1) should i change the food pellets every day? i've heard some people say yes and some say no, but that would mean i'd be throwing away so much food. shouldn't i just wait until the bowl is almost empty? 2) same as above...
  6. rinlalin

    Super Young Piggie! Problems?

    hello all! as some of you may know, i'm a new-ish guinea pig owner. (backstory, the short version: got a guinea when i was 9/10, went to school, my grandma (who hated the poor little guy) drove it to the pet store and gave it to a random kid in the parking lot before i got home) i just got a...