new piggies

  1. D

    Help! I’m a new Mum

    My dear little Daisy (7 weeks) and half sister Delilah (11 weeks) were adopted by me very recently. I know it is natural for them to be terrified by this giant who feeds, cleans etc for them. I’d really like to get it right. I left them alone for the first 48 hours. Since then, due to an...
  2. blacklegkat

    Singled Out Boar - Should I Get Another Piggy?

    My lovely boar Asterix unfortunately doesn't seem to get along too well with his brothers. In fact, if we were to put them in the same cage, there would probably be blood. We separated him from his two brothers a long time ago - however we have the cages right next to one another so that they...
  3. NavajoChikondi

    New Piggie Owner Needs Help

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I just got my first little piggie a week ago. His new cagemate is arriving in a few days.:yahoo: I'm quite unsure about a few things and I hope, some of you can help me out... When I first brought him home, he was so scared and stressed and would purr...
  4. L

    Tomorrow's The Day!

    Well, last part of the hutch due to arrive in hour, being put up later when OH gets home. Our eldest has decided on names (Tilly and Billie). Just bought some fleece blankets and towels after a last minute bedding U-turn and am just going to sort out the water filter that I have bought for them...